12 Best TikTok Challenges You Should Do

A challenge tends to bring out the best in us. Whether you are into nerve-wracking battle royale games or prepping up for dance battles to showcase your amazing hip-hop moves, the adrenaline to beat rivals seems to amp up the whole affair. And from what I can tell, TikTokers are having a ball at different challenges even during the self-quarantine. If anything, this lock down is positively affecting their output. The healthy rivalry is proving to be a boon for both creators and fans. If you are all geared up to take on a bet but aren’t sure which one can get you trending, look no further than this smart assortment of the 12 best TikTok challenges to do in 2020.

Best TikTok Challenges to Do in 2020

So, what sort of challenges do you like to take on? A weird challenge to show your peculiar side, a savage challenge to send shivers down the spine of onlookers, or a funky bet to show off your catchy movies. None? Then, I guess you might be loving your striking resemblance to Hollywood/Bollywood stars or inspired to create a stunning fashion show to display your unique fashion sense. Whatever could be your choice, it has got a variety of challenges to let you pick the right bet. So, what’s holding you back from recording amazing videos with your dance crew?

1. The FridgeChallenge

Oh, what better way to kickstart the show by putting an out-of-the-box TikTok challenge like The #FridgeChallenge right at the top? It’s both easy to shoot and fun to be in. It demands you and your besties to record clips with them taking something weird out of the fridge. Once the clips are ready, merge them all together and then post it on TikTok with the hashtag. It’s one of the simplest challenges that anyone can do.

2. The #FashionChallenge

This one looks primed for fashionistas and the folks who love to ramp up the fashion quotient. And if that’s you, kickstart the #fashionchallenge by trying out different outfits in your closet and then bringing a live fashion show on full display. As this challenge warrants you to go iconic, don’t fail to try out a variety of outfits – from funky attires to classy clothes. For dramatic effects, bring on the eye-popping TikTok lights as well. Due largely to the awesome concept, it’s definitely one of the best TikTok challenges. And I bet you would love to go after it.

3. The TempoChallenge

Times when you and your dancing crew wish to show enviable agility for all the TikTokers to sit and take notice, the #tempochallenge can come into play seamlessly. And that too without burning the wheels of your stamina. Just in case you didn’t get the challenge, let me tell you that it’s all about moving your feet and arms rapidly. Simply start on a little lighter note and then pick up the top speed towards the climax.

4. The #CelebLookAlike Challenge

For all the TikTokers who think that they are the most sought after avatars of their favorite actors, #celeblookalikechallenge could prove to be spot on. As you may have already guessed the riddle, it’s just about asking your BFFs to give their honest opinion about “What celeb do you look like?” And once the answers are out, you can create fun-loving videos to brag about your resemblance or for that how well you have nailed the look of your icon.

5. DistanceDance

Bored out of your mind in lockdown, the #distancedance is what you need to pick to get a lot of traction on TikTok. Yeah, you read that right! This TikTok challenge has become a massive hit on the video-sharing platform ever since the deadly COVID-19 pandemic enforced the lockdown. Introduced by the TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, it’s got all the ingredients of a great challenge. Probably the best part about it distancedistance is that all the money that is generated with the hashtag goes to the charity Feeding America.

6. The SheJuicyChallenge

Well, if it’s the time to get on with a catchy dance to set the stage on fire, you would be hard-pressed to find a more compelling TikTok challenge than the #shejuicychallengge. Not to mention, you can perform it with two or three buddies by matching steps and grooving with mesmerizing flair. So, what’s stopping you from hitting the duet feature and trying it out with the long-distance members of your crew.

7. Savage Dance

If I were to pick out a TikTok challenge that could bring everyone on the edge, I would go with Savage Dance. Yeah, that’s how stunning it is! As for the trick that you should employ to master the challenge, bring on the real savage living within you – of course with a little mix of grace and guts. And if you succeed in getting it through, you will get plenty of bonus points.

8. “Say So” Dance

While there is no dearth of the top-notch TikTok challenges, very few are incredibly simple yet pretty fun-loving. And just in case you are on the lookout for a challenge to shake your leg without going through a long grind, “Say So Dance” could just be your long-awaited pick. Well, the only trick that you need to keep in mind to pull this challenge off is to go with the flow.

9. Attention Challenge

When you want to arrest attention with aplomb, #attentionchallenge is what you should give a shot. But be warned, this one is geared for the super flexible TikTok queens who often brag about their sleek body. If that fitness queen is you, put your elegant kicks and splits on full display while shaking your legs to “Attention” by the charismatic Todrick Hall!

10. “Supalonely” Dance

Oh, do I need to interpret what this challenge means? Just in case you are feeling down and dusted in the self-quarantine and want something to spruce you up, you’ve got to give “Supalonely” dance a shot. It’s similar to some of the other dancing challenges featured on this list so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a hang of this.

11. “Blinding Lights” Challenge

For those looking for a TikTok challenge with plenty of fun elements, “Blinding Lights” challenge could be the right answer. Again, it’s pretty simple to perform and requires three to four people. But do keep in mind, you’ve got complete each other and make sure to hit the timing right as flow plays a vital role in making such dances succeed.

12. The Renegade

May I have your eyeballs complete with all attention, dear TikTokers? Renegade is the sort of TikTok challenge that you should never fail to try out. But if you are planning to take it on, be sure to plan it to perfection as it can put you through an acid test. However, if you are ready to go through the complex choreo, you can get a good grip on it.

Top TikTok Challenges Lined Up for You

So, these are the trending TikTok challenges in 2020. With a variety of bets ready to catch your attention, I guess you’ve found out some cool ones. So, get started with the recording, of course after going through some learning curve. Just in case you are willing to amp up your TikTok game with some pro tips and tricks, do check out our guide.

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