Best Light Builds to Try out in The Finals

In Short
  • We recommend two different builds for the light class in The Finals - Fast Initiator and Invisible Ninja.
  • The initiator build helps you to capture and cash out quickly, utilizing evasive dash, V9S pistol, glitch grenade, and vanishing bomb.
  • The ninja build allows you to be sneaky and take out opponents by utilizing the cloaking device, SH1900 shotgun, and stun gun.

Light is one of the fastest classes in The Finals, and you can create some amazing character builds to outclass your opponents. We have been addicted to this game and have compiled two builds to help you make the most of your abilities and gadgets as a light-class player. We have designed the builds in such a way that you won’t have any issues even if you run them as a reserve loadout in The Finals. So, with that being said, here are our best builds for the light class in The Finals.

The Fast Initiator Build

Weapon: V9S
Gadget: Vanishing Bomb, Breach Charge, Glitch Grenade
Specialization: Evasive Dash

Our first light build in The Finals is the fast initiator build. It allows you to be a menace across the map. Not only that, but this build will make you the person responsible for most cashout scenarios. For example, if your team gets the mover’s advantage of getting the vault, this build will enable you to make a run for the cashout zones.

Similarly, if you plan on stealing a cashout attempt from another team, this build will allow you to do that as well. How? Let’s find out.

Primary Weapon

The Finals light build V9S weapon

Your primary weapon for this build will be the trusty V9S pistol. Yes, we recommend this as one of the best weapons in The Finals during the beta, and it makes a return here. And for good measure. V9S still deals impressive damage against your opponents, shredding them into a plastic statue in a couple of shots.

Furthermore, we put this gun into this build because of its good recoil control. It costs 800 VRS to unlock.


For gadgets, as mentioned above, we will be using the following three – vanishing bomb, Breach Charge, and Glitch Grenade. These three work really well together in this build. First, vanishing bomb allows you and your team to become invisible for a few seconds, which is ideal when pushing for a cashout.

Similarly, the Glitch grenade nullifies everyone’s gadget inside the radius for a few seconds, putting their gun skill to the test. So, if you trust your aim and believe you can outgun anyone, do select the Glitch Grenade.

Finally, the breach charge is C4, which you can plant across the map to blow things up. You can take out walls, floors, and nearly every destructible thing in the game. It is especially helpful if you want to change the position of the cashout box to your advantage.

Both the vanishing bomb and the glitch grenade cost 1000 VRS to unlock in The Finals. The breach charge is free of cost and unlocked by default.


Lastly, we have decided to go for the evasive dash as our specialization for this build. Evasion gives us a movement boost through a brief surge of speed. You can use it twice before cooldown. We will be zooming through the map, being a menace, with this specialization. The Evasive Dash costs 800 VRS to unlock.

The Invisible Ninja Build

Weapon: SH1900
Gadget: Stun Gun, Pyro Grenade, Breach Charge
Specialization: Cloaking

Picture this. You have a whole team pushing you at a cashout, expecting to steal your glory and your win. However, what they don’t know is that you are cloaked and hiding in a corner with a shotgun. A few well-placed shots, and they will get taken out immediately.

Yeah, welcome to our Invisible Ninja build, where the goal is to be a sneaky no-gooder against your opponents. It utilizes a hard-hitting weapon and the invisible specialization to be a menace. So, let’s take a look at each component in this build.

Primary Weapon

For this build, our weapon of choice is the SH1900 shotgun. While its range definitely cripples its performance at a distance, it is a deadly weapon at close range. However, as mentioned above, our ideal range of fighting for this build will be close quarters, taking enemies by surprise, we opted for the SH1900.

However, if you want the complete ninja experience, swap out the SH1900 shotgun with the katana or the throwable knife. SH1900 costs 800 VRS to unlock.


We have selected three simple gadgets to supplement the weapon of this build, and they are Stun Gun, Pyro Grenade, and Breach Charge. The Stun gun incapacitates an enemy for a limited time, allowing you to take them out with ease in that time frame. Being invisible and catching the enemies off-guard with the stun gun is an ideal game plan for this build.

For the times when a team does push through your team’s defense for that cashout, use the Pyro grenade to incinerate them. Finally, you need to place the breach charge as an additional gadget to support your team in knocking down structures or changing the cashout’s position when it’s being stolen. You’ll rely more on your stun gun and shotgun to support your team.

The stun gun costs 1000 VRS, whereas the rest of the gadgets are unlocked by default.


Finally, for specialization, we will choose cloaking. This is the bulk of this build and allows you to become invisible and sneak around enemies.

You are completely invisible when stationary and difficult to notice even when on the move. Either way, this build relies on this specialization, which is too overpowered in its current form. Abuse it while you can before the developers nerf it to the ground. The cloaking specialization requires 800 VRS to unlock.

These are the two light builds in The Finals that you can try out to add spice to the gameplay. Each of these builds gives a different gameplay experience and overall enjoyable chaos. So, did you try it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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