Apple Sent Friendly Care Packages that Includes iPads to Employees in China

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Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, China has become the eye of the storm for the virus, as it continues to spread around the world. Many countries around the world are taking huge precautionary steps by diagnosing travellers from China for the virus that they may carry. In this dark time, Apple mailed friendly care packages to employees who are stuck in China’s Wenzhou city and the Hubei province. This package is to comfort the employees and their families.

Last week, to help its valuable employees cope with the dangerous situation in the country, Apple sent packages that contain items like hand sanitizer, cookies, candies and a 10.2″ iPad. Along with the package, the company sent a heart-warming letter to help its employees feel comforted and calm.

Apart from the cookies and hand sanitizer, the packet also included Hershey’s chocolates, a packet of coffee and tea and a pack of tissues. The 10.2-inch iPad was included by Apple to help the employees’ kids educate themselves through online learning or just “simply pass the time”.

In the letter, the company acknowledged the fact that it is a tough thing for these employees to live so far away from home in these times. The letter also stated the number of victims that the virus has taken its toll on. Lastly, the letter stated that the company has arranged a counselling and consultation service in partnership with ComPsych, under the company’s Employee Assistance Program. This is arranged, especially, for the employees to help them get through this time.

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