Apple Arcade Now has 100 Exclusive Games on Offer

Apple Arcade Announced

Apple’s game-subscription service Apple Arcade was announced with a promise of over 100 titles to choose from. Titles that would be exclusive to subscribers of the service, and void of any advertisements, in-app purchases, and basically all annoyances associated with games these days. However, when the service finally launched, the company didn’t quite have the 100-game portfolio on offer.

That has changed now, with the addition of six new games to Apple Arcade, bringing the total number of available games to 100.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that allows users to download and play any of the games from the service’s offerings for a monthly fee of $4.99. That fee is Rs. 99 a month in India, which is a pretty great price for people who like to try out a lot of games on their phones, and are annoyed by the smattering of ads and freemium models offered by most smartphone games these days.

The service has some great games on offer, including Agent Intercept, Sonic Racing, Oceanhorn 2, and more. Most of the games included with Apple Arcade support PS4 and Xbox One controllers as well, which you can pair easily with your iPhone to enjoy them better. Plus, Apple Arcade is available across iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, and you can pick up your games on any of your Apple devices right where you left them off, making the experience seamless.

So, are you using Apple Arcade? Which games are you playing these days? Let us know in the comments down below.

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