An Appeal By Africans Living In India – Stop Racism Please! (Video)

A few weeks back the story of Nigerians being racially abused at ‘Rajiv Chownk’ metro station of Delhi made headlines worldwide. The impact made by the incident was so strong that it made sure that the Embassies from the African continent had to take up the issue of Africans being safe in India.

It brought about a facet of India that is existent but still not in the open. The following social experiment teaser is an initiative taken to get the views of African students living in India out in public domain.

In the video, two African students who study in Hyderabad are interviewed. They spill the beans as to what they go through everyday living in India. They even mentioned as to how every Indian works on the perception of them being drug dealers or doing stuff related to drugs in India.

The video sends out a very strong message for those who do this on daily basis. We need to learn what they go through by stepping into their shoes.

Watch this video and share it with your friends. Let’s try and make sure that racial discrimination should not happen again within our neighbourhood. Here’s the impactful video.

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