AMD bike feat.

AMD Releases Bicycles to Compete With Nvidia’s New RTX Series?

AMD bike feat.

While Nvidia is busy releasing advanced GPUs for upcoming titles, AMD is working on bicycles? Well, that took me by surprise too. However, apart from making entry-level graphics processors and processors for digital notebook and servers, AMD also has an online “fan store” selling AMD branded merch like hoodies, tees, caps. Now, there are two AMD-branded bicycles on the website that, to be honest, looks pretty dope.

The two bicycles: AMD Custom Cruiser Bike and AMD Custom Mountain Bike are currently on sale on the fan store of AMD. These come in white or black frames with a pair of 26-inch wheels and AMD stickers. There is also a version of the custom mountain bike that comes with black frames and a pair of cool orange wheels.

Now, coming to bikes, they are pretty basic, considering the existence of the $3,999 “Superstrata” bike that we saw earlier. The custom cruiser bike, according to AMD, is “the perfect designed bike for cruising the streets and beaches in style”.

On the other hand, the custom Mountain bike “comes loaded with great mountain bike features including twist grip Shimano index shifting, linear-pull MTB brakes, dual suspension frame, and a comfortable Mountain bike saddle”.

So, if you are an AMD fanatic living in the States, you can get the AMD bikes for $299 (~Rs 21,978) with an additional $50 (~Rs 3,675) shipping charge. Unfortunately, AMD won’t ship the bikes outside the US.

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  1. These days real MTBs have disk brakes… and that frame design was abandoned by real bike makers 20 years ago.

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