Amazon Expands Flex Delivery Program to over 35 Cities in India

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Amazon has expanded Amazon Flex – the company’s delivery program to more than 35 cities across India. The company launched the program in June last year catering to three cities namely Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

For the uninitiated, Amazon Flex program lets interested individuals be part of Amazon’s delivery fleet. The program allows flexible working hours and offers Rs. 120 – Rs. 140 per hour.

Individuals over 18 years of age with a vehicle, valid driver’s license, and PAN card are eligible to be part of Amazon Flex. The company says it has received an overwhelming response from “thousands of individuals” over the past year.

Amazon believes this expansion would help the company scale up its delivery operations in the country, which might have taken a hit due to unstable market conditions and the pandemic.

“Amazon Flex partners enjoy the part-time opportunity to earn more, especially at this time when the country is economically recovering from the impact of the nationwide lockdown,” said Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile Transportation, Amazon India.

Considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Rochlani says the company is taking the right precautions and has implemented a series of preventative health measures, calling it a top priority.

If you’re interested to sign up for Amazon Flex, you may do so from the company’s website. You will have to enter a few basic details such as your name, city, mobile number, email address, and the type of vehicle you’re planning to use.

Amazon had to limit its operations to deliver essential items due to the pandemic this March. The company, however, has resumed most of its services in the country now as the government has relaxed its policies.

SOURCE TechCrunch
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