A Parody of Social Media [Video]

Social Media has changed our lives drastically. We now measure value of things, incidents and people in terms of their social media presence. Have you noticed it? if not, here’s an example.

World’s noticeable incidents are compared on the basis of “Tweets per second”, At the end of year “Most searched terms on Google”, tells us what was most popular in the world last year, etc.

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A bunch of people went crazy about all this and came up with a parody of social media, which presents a bitter truth, “Social media is not about people anymore, it is about numbers only” in an extremely hilarious way. Here we go,

Makers of this video, thepoke.co.uk

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  • […] SEE ALSO:  A Parody of Social Media [Video] […]

  • At this time social media take a hues part of our network, thanks for sharing such a nice post

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