8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nokia Lumia 800

A lot of bytes on Internet has been consumed for writing about Nokia Lumia 800 but bring together 8 things you might have missed or overlooked about Nokia Lumia 800. Have a look

  • The word ‘Lumia’ is the term coined by 20th Century Artist Thomas Wilfred to refer to art created from light.
  • One thing that you may not have realized is that the Lumia 800 actually has a dedicated camera key for taking your holiday snaps or pictures of your breakfast (you know who you are!). This is of course the main hardware difference between it and the similarly shaped N9.
  • It took a third less time to produce the 800 and 710 than previous Nokia Smartphones. Something which really shows that Nokia does have what it takes to build world class mobile technology and bring it to market.
  • The body is all one color throughout as well. Something which clumsy people will be very happy with because although it comes with a rubber case to shield the phone, if you did happen to fall foul of gravity and drop it, the body wouldn’t show its scarring half as much as if it was anodized aluminium for example.
  • The three colors the Lumia 800 comes in are stealthy black, cool blue and vivid pink. I prefer pink personally but they all look stunning.
  • Further more you can add even more personalisation to the Lumia 800 by changing the colour of the tiles to suit your mood. If you’re superstitious like me, you might want to change your colors to green for GO! when you’re late to meet a prospective partner through an area with lots of traffic lights. Although I don’t advise you do this while you’re driving, best to plan ahead.
  • The camera has 8megapixels, records video in HD (1280 pixels by 720 pixels), plays at 30 frames per second (that’s 5 frames higher than the Nokia N8) and sports x3 digital zoom too. I don’t advise you use this piece of information to impress a prospective parter though!\
  • The screen is lit up by an AMOLED Clear Black Display, fortified with curved Gorilla glass to make your gestures feel smooth like silk. The Gorilla glass is perfect for protecting the Lumia 800 against scratches when it’s in your pocket with coins and keys.


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