366 Days of 2012 in 366 Seconds [Video]

How many days of the past year do you remember? I remember only the special ones, either the good ones or the bad ones. The days when I won and the days when I got fuc*ed up are the most memorable days of my life and rest of the days, the normal ones, fades away. Same is the case with you, I believe.

But, Jonathan Britnell’s every single day of 2012 is memorable because of his year long project in which he captured one second of video clip from every single day of the year 2012 without missing a day.

Every Second of this video is beautifully captured, excellent piece of videography, I have already watched it thrice. Now, it’s your turn.

Here’s the video, Enjoy!

2012. 366 days. 366 seconds. from Jonathan Britnell on Vimeo.

Earlier in 2012, I posted about 48 Frames: 2 seconds from every day of a month [Video]. Here’s the Link.