48 Frames: 2 Seconds From Every Day of A Month [Videos]

Ricki Mae Melchior is too occupied with his work but somehow he finds time to shoot 2 seconds of video everyday for a month and at the end of the month he comes up with an amazing video.

He is doing this since February of 2012 and till now he has come up with 4 amazing videos. He was too busy in March, so he skipped that month.

If you are looking to find out the reason why he is doing this? here’s why,

“I decided to do a movie project on the side to keep my creative focus and seek new angles every day.”

Capturing 2 seconds everyday makes everyday memorable, we really loved the idea, we hope you also like 2 Seconds From Every Day videos,

He also have a Facebook page under the name 48 Frames, if you liked his idea show him some love by following his page. 🙂

Update: here’s the video for July month. enjoy 🙂

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