YouTube Now Has Separate Tabs for Shorts and Long Videos

youtube shorts videos tabs

YouTube has an update for users, which is based on user feedback. The new update has introduced separate sections for Shorts, long-form videos, and Live videos so that people can easily choose what they want to watch.

New YouTube Update: What’s New?

The new update, which has started rolling out to users, will now display separate tabs for Shorts and long videos on the channel page. This will allow users to see the type of content they want to while exploring videos by various YouTubers.

Earlier, all videos were displayed under a single Videos section, causing a sense of confusion. My personal experience always led me into clicking on the wrong content. So, for people like me, this is a welcome change.

This change will no longer display Shorts and Live videos under the Videos section. Plus, YouTube will soon show new Shorts and Live tabs next to the long-video tabs on Android, iOS, and even YouTube’s web version.

There are a few visual changes too. For instance, the channel page details are now displayed differently and the like/dislike/share buttons have got a new look. The dark mode on YouTube is now darker and has also led to the introduction of the Ambient mode, which will change the colors of the background based on the video. You can check out these changes below.

Plus, there’s the ability to zoom a video by up to 8x. This was earlier available as a test for YouTube Premium users. So, which changes do you like the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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