YouTube’s New Copyright Match Tool Starts Rolling Out to Creators

copyright match

YouTube creators have long been facing copyright issues, with their videos being ripped off by random channels to boost their ranking and monetization. Though YouTube already has a plethora of checks in place, it’s now started rolling out the Copyright Match tool, announced last month, to creators.

The Copyright Match tool, which became available on our Beebom YouTube channel just this morning, is designed to make it simpler for us to “find re-uploads of our content on other channels.” Yes, reuploads.

The videos that match your recently uploaded video, which means it is the same or very similar, show up in the ‘matches’ tab in the Copyright Match tool and you make the final decision on whether it infringes on your content or not.

This tool uses the same matching technology as Content ID but is specifically designed to weed out unauthorized uploads.

As for how YouTube does itm the company says you’ll need to be the first one to upload that piece of content. If that’s the case, then only will you see the list of matches for discovered re-uploads.

The Copyright Match tool then gives you three options – you can either choose to take no action, contact the creator or request YouTube to remove the offending video. YouTube reviews the video after you have selected the action, to check whether it infringes on the company’s policies or not.

This tool will only help pinpoint out entire videos that have been re-uploaded and you will still need to report videos that illegally use parts or clips of your videos.

Since the Copyright Match tool hands down the power of judgement to creators, YouTube advises them to take a closer look at matches to not report public domain content or the videos that come under the fair use policies. If you keep all this in mind, this tool could be of great help to budding creators on the platform.

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