Xiaomi’s Mi 7 Flagship Will Be Powered by the Snapdragon 845

Xiaomi’s Mi 7 Flagship Will Be Powered by the Snapdragon 845

We all know that Samsung is the biggest customer for Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chips, so much so, that other smartphone manufacturer’s don’t even get to use the latest Snapdragon chipsets until a few months after Samsung launches their flagship device. That said, there’s one company which time and again has been able to procure the latest Snapdragon Chips alongside Samsung. That company is Xiaomi, and in the previous years, all their flagship devices have launched with the latest Snapdragon chipsets, even when the companies like LG could not make that happen.

I am telling you all this because, yesterday, Qualcomm announced their flagship chipset for 2018 called the Snapdragon 845, and needless to say, Xiaomi was the first company to confirm the use of Snapdragon 845 in their flagship device, the Mi 7.

Although Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi didn’t give out much details about the phone itself, he did confirm that the MI 7 will indeed launch with the Snapdragon 845 chipset. Lei Jun was present at the Qualcomm’s tech summit where the chip giant announced the release of 845-chipset and he had this to say,

“Six years ago, we launched the Xiaomi Mi 1 using Qualcomm’s processor, which was the best at the time. Over the years, the flagship phones all adopted the top-tier Qualcomm processor.”

Needless to say, Xiaomi was one of the earliest adopters of Snapdragon SoCs and hence their relation has benefited the company in procuring Snapdragon’s chipsets even now when they are in extremely high demand. This relationship certainly benefits Xiaomi and in turn its customers, as the customers get a chance to enjoy the latest and greatest mobile SoC in the market as early as possible. Snapdragon 845 is going to bring a ton of improvements to raw-power and efficiency, and we cannot wait to get our hands on a device running on it.

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