Xbox Series X is Better Than PlayStation 5, Says Valve Co-Founder Gabe Newell

xbox series x hardware specs revealed

Sony and Microsoft are both expected to launch their next-gen gaming consoles in the coming weeks, and the internet is abuzz with speculations about the pros and cons of each platform. Now, one of the biggest and most well-known names in gaming has weighed-in with his opinion on the subject. According to Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell, the Xbox Series X beats the PlayStation 5 hands-down.

Speaking with The Project NZ, Newell said that Microsoft’s upcoming console will be the better of the two devices. He, however, didn’t give a reason for his opinion. When pressed on why he thought the Series X was better, he simply replied, ‘Because it is’. He also clarified that neither he nor Valve has a motive in prioritizing one platform above the other. “I don’t have a stake in that race. Obviously, we do most of our development on personal computers, but of the two, I would definitely go with an Xbox”, he said.

It is worth noting here that other respected voices in the gaming industry have offered the exact opposite opinion. A few weeks back, Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, sang paeans to the PlayStation 5, calling it a “remarkably well-balanced device”. As things stand now, it’s difficult to say with absolute certainly as to which one will be the better performer among the two. However, in simple hardware terms, the Series X will pack much more power than the PS5. Either way, we should soon get to compare both devices first-hand as the two companies make their respective consoles official.

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