Where to Start Chainsaw Man Manga After Anime

After an exciting run of 12 episodes, the first season of Chainsaw Man has concluded. While the anime finale was one of the most exciting pieces of seinen we have seen recently, it also left many questions behind. What is Makima hiding from her peers? Who is the mysterious girl roaming the streets in the post-credits scene? Will we finally meet the gun devil in Chainsaw Man Season 2? Fortunately, you can get answers to all of these questions and more if you read the source material. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out where you need to start the Chainsaw Man manga after the anime finale.

Where to Start Chainsaw Man Manga After Season 1 (2022)

Use the table below to learn how to continue Chainsaw Man anime’s story with the manga along with a few bonus details about the same.

Spoiler WarningThis article contains spoilers for the first season of Chainsaw Man. So make sure to watch the anime to avoid ruining your experience. 

On Which Chapter Did Chainsaw Man Season 1 End

Chainsaw Man Episode 12

The first season of Chainsaw Man ended with chapter 38 of the manga. You can find an explainer for the ending of Chainsaw Man season 1 in our dedicated guide, which covers not only the story but also minor details you might have missed. In terms of the plot, we’re still a few chapters behind the halfway mark of the first part of the manga. But the opening episodes of the next season will surely bridge that gap.

Expanding on the same, season one of the Chainsaw Man anime covered the following story arcs:

  • Introduction arc
  • Bat Devil arc
  • Eternity Devil arc
  • Katana Man arc

With that, season 2 of Chainsaw Man will open with the Bomb Girl arc, which is one of the most unexpected points in the story. From then on, the story of this anime will only get more exciting and fast-paced.

Where to Start Chainsaw Man Manga After Anime

As you might guess, if you want to begin the story of Chainsaw Man from the first season’s finale, you should start reading chapter 39 of the manga. It is part of the fifth volume of the manga series, which covers chapters 35 to 43. Reading the chapters that you’ve already seen in the anime will make it much easier to get used to the manga. Moreover, we suggest starting from Chapter 38, as the anime fails to adapt some of the final pages.

Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – (Shonen Jump)

Leaving behind the heavy focus on the gun devil from season one, the next two arcs of the anime will make you meet other powerful devils in Chainsaw Man. Denji is going to face a bunch of unexpected opponents, some of which will be even stronger than the Katana Man, who almost killed Denji. Surviving such fierce enemies won’t be possible without a bunch of sacrifices, but for you, it is only an exciting turn of events. And the best part is that now you don’t have to wait to see where it goes.

Which Chapters Will Chainsaw Man Season 2 Adapt

While there is no official confirmation about the same, we expect the second season of Chainsaw Man to conclude around chapter 70. This marks the end of the International Assassins arc. After that, the story focuses on the main antagonist, the gun devil.

So, if you want to witness the most exciting part of the story directly in the anime, you should read the Chainsaw Man manga till the end of volume 8 (aka chapter 70). Interestingly, this part of the story also answers the ever-persisting question of why other devils after Pochita’s heart.

What to Expect from the Chainsaw Man Manga

When compared to the manga, the Chainsaw Man anime is dedicated to its source material. Even with a bunch of gory and uncomfortable scenes, there is surprisingly no censorship in the adaption of the story. However, there are a few details that fail to make it into the anime adaptation. For example – the epic kill count of the gun devil goes on for various pages in the manga but only gets a subtle reference in the anime.

Moreover, the manga also allows you to witness the character growth and plot twists at a much tamer pace that the anime. But the manga, in no way, can match the action sequences of the anime. MAPPA Studios has done a good job of animating the action scenes. Having said that, use the manga (currently in Chapter 115) to stay up-to-date with the Chainsaw Man plot. But don’t forget to witness our heroes and devils in action within the anime adaption.

Start Reading Chainsaw Man Manga After Anime

Whether you are an avid manga reader or someone seeking their first read, the world of Chainsaw Man is perfect for you. But you should first watch the Chainsaw Man anime till its finale if you haven’t already. Not to forget, there are still several facts about Denji in Chainsaw Man that you might miss out on even while reading the manga. Fortunately, our linked guide has you covered. That said, are you going to wait for season 2 of Chainsaw Man or start reading its manga right away? Tell us in the comments below!

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