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Top 1% App Publishers Responsible for 80% of New App Downloads : Report

app download stats

A recent report from Sensor Tower reveals that the top 1% of publishers across the App Store and Google Play Store accounted for 80 percent of new app downloads. The data is calculated from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform during Q3 of 2019.

According to the report, there were 29.6 billion app downloads in the third quarter of this year out of which 23.6 billion apps were from the top 7,920 app publishers leaving the rest – 784,080 publishers with a comparatively low 6 billion app downloads.

Image credits: Sensor Tower

The report covered the download statistics for games as well. Here, the influence of top game publishers is a bit higher and stands at 82%. According to Sensor Tower, the top 1% (1,080 game publishers) were responsible for 9.1 billion downloads while the rest of the 106,920 game publishers accounted for just 2 billion downloads.

In terms of revenue, the top 1 percent of app publishers generated $20.5 billion while the rest generated $1.5 billion. As far as the games are concerned, the figures are at $15.5 billion for the top game publishers and $800 million for the rest of the game publishers.

It is worth noting that the top three highest-earning game publishers are Tencent with $2 billion, NetEase with $743 million, and Bandai Namco with $503 million.

“In a continually growing market where most publishers are competing against the publishers controlling 80 percent of all new user acquisition, standing out among the competition is more crucial than ever.”, notes Sensor Tower.

With this data, it is evident that people are less likely to try out new apps and games developed by indie and less known developers and are probably sticking with the offerings of top publishers. If you are interested to try out some new casual games in your Android smartphone, check out our list on the same here.

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