Here Are 4 Tips to Beat Self-Isolation from an Astronaut Who Spent 5 Months in Space Alone

Chris Hadfield tips feat.

As most of the Countr…err…WORLD sits in lockdown (still cannot believe it!), most of us are self-isolating. The Novel Coronavirus has given the world a strong example of devastation. This is why the whole world is trying to fight this “shadow enemy” together by the means of self-isolating. Self-isolating sounds weird, however, it can be fun with the right tips. And that is why Chris Hadfield, the man who spent a 5-month self-isolation on the International Space Station (ISS), has some tips for us.

The Space veteran, who was a commander of the ISS, turned to YouTube to give the people who are at self-isolation (half of the world, literally) some tips to beat boredom and have a fun time. He was very brief and in a 2-minute video, the astronaut gave some really good advise.

Here Are the 4 Golden Steps

Up there at the Space Station, Chris had 4 steps to beat self-isolation and in this video, he revealed those steps. So, the first step is to “know the risk”. According to him, we should first really understand the situation that we are facing right now and based on that, understand the risk. As many of us are still ignorant about this threat, the chance of spreading the virus is increasing at a huge rate. Remember, people, always be informed about the latest updates from WHO and other credible sources.

The next step, according to Hadfield, is to “set your goals”. It can be your daily goal or weekly goal. But set specific goals or tasks that you have to do throughout the day or week. Now, the next step is to “analyse your constraints”. As the threat of the virus is so accelerated, most of the countries in the World are in a complete lockdown state to curb the spread of the virus and contain it. This poses an obvious constraint as you cannot go outside. So think what you can do indoors and set your goals accordingly.

This brings us to the 4th and final step that is the most important, according to the astronaut – “Take action. After you know your risk, set your goals, understand your constraints, its time to do stuff.

“…take care of your family, start a new project, learn to play the guitar, study another language, read a book, write, create. It’s a chance to do something different that you haven’t done before.”, said the former Commander of ISS.

According to Chris, this is the best time for self-isolation as we have so much at our disposal. Starting with the latest information to any movie or song, everything is at our fingertips. So, If you wanna play games, do it. If you wanna write, do it. If you wanna learn. do it. If you wanna Netflix, check out our top picks for the platform. Whatever you can do indoors, just do it (hope Nike doesn’t sue me). Just do not go outside unless it’s really really important. We have to play our part in this fight and we will.

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