telegram blocked in russia

Telegram Update Brings Profile Video, Group Stats, Improved People Nearby, and More

telegram blocked in russia

WhatsApp rival Telegram has bagged a myriad of new features with the latest update. It not only brings bulks up the profile picture and file-sharing feature but also gives a new purpose to group administrators.

First up, if you find static images as profile pictures monotonous then Telegram has a perfect solution for you. It now enables you to set a video as your profile picture. You can select a single frame from the video to appear as the profile picture. The users will be able to view the video – which you can edit and decorate with built-in tools – when they jump into your profile.

Telegram says that it ties in well with the newly revamped ‘people nearby’ feature. It has been designed to help you meet new users in your vicinity. The app shows how far they are, suggests stickers as ice breakers, and more. This is an important feature for people who are looking for camaraderie during these tough times.

Another feature that will come in super handy for Telegram group administrators is called ‘Group Stats’. It builds on the Channel Stats feature to help users track group activity, top members in the form of graphs and beautiful pie charts. You can view and reward the top members – see their number of messages and average message length – down the road.

My favorite change will, however, have to be the ability to use multiple accounts on the desktop. Yeah, just like mobile, you can log into up to three Telegram accounts on your PC as well. It will come in handy for someone like me, who likes to keep tabs on latest news and friendly chats. You will need two different phone numbers though.

In addition, you now have a new feature to automatically archive and mute chats from new users, get a sneak peek at photos – right from the chat list, send files up to 2GB in size, and more animated emoji stickers among other things. This update is currently rolling out to both iOS and Android users across the globe.

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