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How To Generate Traffic and Increase Conversions, Practicing SEO For Twitter

Sure, we listen to all the babbling from experts about SEO and we think of it as a big deal. Yup my friend it’s a big deal, but not impossible. SEO for increasing traffic and conversions is the ultimate goal of every website/blog owner over the internet. While we are talking about this, I hear someone in my office yelling “Oh God we need to do it properly on Twitter and here I am trying to craft some points on how to satisfy our greed of getting more and more traffic, Ya don’t worry I’ll talk to my colleague later.

We know the role of social networks in bringing more traffic for a long while now but what makes a difference is how you are doing it. SEO and Social Media Marketing are the two sides of a single coin, they go hand in hand. Twitter becoming a wider platform for marketers specially claims to bring lots of traffic and just giving it an SEO push can boost your traffic generation and maximize conversions.

Twitter SEO

But, why Twitter? Do I really have to answer this? If so, it’s because Twitter is a special social media platform which can create wonders just with those smart 140 characters, depends on how smart you are. But how?So, apparently this ‘How To Do It’ falls into the SEO category and hence keeping all the yapping aside, we now get straight to the point on how to practice SEO for Twitter so that you earn more and more visitors.

Creativity Matters, But So Do Keywords 

Your thoughts must be wandering here and there trying hard to find the most creative post you can craft to earn attention with those 140 characters and create content most relevant to your brand. This happens to be the most common suggestion for creating a tweet often given by social media experts. But, if you are really creative than you are capable of applying your own ideas for good, so just take your thought process to a step farther and include substantial keywords targeted to your prospects.

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Think it wisely, what is it that your followers want to see you post on Twitter? What is it really that you want to be found by your future followers? Do you know your brand properly and if you do do you know which relevant keywords can give you a hike? All these questions need to be answered by yourself and then you need to craft that perfectly keyword rich tweet which gets you found. Usage of hashtags has proved a great medium to get targeted followers. One more thing to boost up your SEO efforts for Twitter even more is to take a look at your blog posts and see for the keywords your post is optimized for. Include some of those keywords into your tweet along with your post URL(shortened) and get maximum benefit out of it for popularizing your blog post to get maximum traffic and once you get recognized your traffic will become your conversions. People will seek your opinion too.

Are You Retweetable

This question arises to those who want to put each and everything in there tweet, but is it possible guys? No, it’s not. Somehow you gotta do it in 140 characters only. But, you are not limited to single tweet a day or hour or month, remember? You can craft different itsy bitsy tweets for each of your blog posts or your products.


One more thing you need to keep in mind that you need to craft your tweets within 120 characters(along with short URL) to give your leads space for re-tweeting it. To multiply the number of re-tweets you have to think about your prospects so that they add RT @yourusername to your tweet and spread it.

Be Tweet Smart Not Deliberate

I personally recommend all the lovely tweeters do not try too hard to get leads from your tiny tweets. Why am I saying it like this? it’s because standing out doesn’t always mean that you need to be the loudest. It’s all about that you tweet at the right time at the right place in the right manner and if rightly said so it should be relevant. Firstly, you need to dig up the data of your past tweets, find out the trends meaning when and which type of your tweets are most engaging and are favorited, shared and re-tweeted most. There are several tools available online but my personal favorite is Tweriod which studies your and your followers’ tweets and finds out when your tweets get most of the exposure.

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Another useful tool that I can suggest is TrendSpotter. This tool lets you find out the latest trends so that you can use it according to your blog or brand dependability and relevancy. Make a connection with the trending topic, maybe write a blog post related to that topic and post a tweet about it using the trend topic with hashtag. You can take IPL or Cricket World cup for example. Marketers created tweets according to the trend and gained a lot of popularity. There are other tools too that can tell you when is the best time your tweets are most read. Since it’s a worldwide platform you need to keep an eye on the time differences across the Globe, depends on your target audience though.

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Spread Link Love 

This one’s especially for bloggers.  If you are a pro tweeter you must be aware of the fact that how much traffic can be driven through Twitter. Inserting links to redirect your leads back to the content gives you the best traffic and enhances chances of conversions. It’s not new and now every marketer on twitter knows that you just need to shorten the URL and place it with a well crafted tweet. Why am I repeating this because sometimes, while we keep indulging into the trends we tend to forget the best practices. The best thing about shortening the URL is that it provides with the statistics of number of clicks, time and location so that you can track the magic a link can do.

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Throughout the complete post you must have seen the emphasis on keywords. I am so much focused on this word because keyword rich tweets get things done for you. Whether you are a known personality(a brand owner or a service provider) your profile should possess relevant and creative words or phrases that best explains you and your brand. Include your company site URL in your profile intro and always remember the power of keywords.

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