instagram stories featured

Instagram Seems To Be Testing A ‘Sticky’ Stories Bar

instagram stories featured

Instagram may have started as a photo-sharing platform, but recent growth is all down to Instagram Stories. The company has added many new features to drive users to interact with and post Stories, be it their own or others.

The latest feature which Instagram appears to be testing is a sticky Stories bar that will enable you to watch Stories from anywhere in your feed. This feature will further increase usage time of Stories, and gives users an easy way to view new Stories as and when they appear.

When you start to scroll through your Instagram feed, you may notice that the ‘Stories bar’ at the top of the feed no longer goes away but sticks to the top of the feed. It now follows you as you scroll and is accessible at any position in the feed. You can choose to either upload or watch Stories from this new sticky bar.

Note: I tried this feature on Instagram version# on my Nokia 7 plus, running Android P Beta 2.

Instagram is doing everything it can to stay ahead of its competition while trying to make Stories the highlight of the app experience. The company has already added several features, including a portrait mode, AR stickers, Spotify integration, and more to attract users to share Stories. There are also other new features, such as music stickers, that are in the works and should be available to everyone very soon.

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