How to Recover Lost Roblox Password

If you’ve even heard of Roblox; the popular game building and playing platform, then you must know how many people play it everyday. Those who learned how to create a Roblox account already must be having fun with it. However, if you’re a user who have lost their Roblox login credentials, you must be worried sick about your account. If you’re someone who’s Roblox password is lost, don’t be worried, since I have a solution for you. So keep on reading as I show you how to recover your lost Roblox password.

Roblox Login: Recover Lost Password

Whether you forgot your password or username, or your account got hacked and you can’t log in, we’ll try and figure out how you can get your Roblox account password back and restore your access to your account. Moreover, we will also discuss a few tips that you should follow to avoid losing your Roblox password in the future.

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Things to Check Before We Proceed

While you must be anxious to recover your lost password, there a few things you should check you have before we begin. Make sure to keep these two important things in mind.

1. Recovery E-Mail/Phone Number

Contact information like a recovery email or phone number is your fallback plan for most accounts in case you lose the login credentials. If you followed our Roblox login guide then you must be aware of how to create a recovery method. However, if you’re someone who didn’t take the time to add one, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to recover your Roblox lost password the conventional way. Don’t worry though as I’ll also show you how to contact Roblox support for more help below.

2. Access to E-Mail Account

If you fortunately did add a recovery email or phone number to your Roblox account then our job just became a lot easier. However, do make sure you have access to your email account/phone number in question so we can log-in and recover your lost Roblox password.

3. (Optional) Google Authenticator

While this authenticator is not necessary to reset your lost Roblox password, I will also be teaching you how to turn on two step verification below. If you want to do so after recovering your password, make sure to download and install the Google Authenticator (Android|iOS ) and keep it handy.

How to Recover Lost Roblox Password Using E-Mail/Phone Number

If you have added an email or a phone number to reset password for Roblox, here’s how to proceed.

1. Visit Roblox Recover Password portal (website) to begin.

2. Click on the Password tab to make sure you’re recovering the right credentials.

roblox forgot password or username page

3. Enter your email address in the empty text box below and press Submit. In case you added a phone number, click the phone number prompt below and do the same. You will then see a confirmation box verifying that the mail has been sent.

Note: Make sure to select your country from the drop-down menu if you’re using a phone number. This is important to ensure that Roblox sends the six digit security code with the correct country prefix.

4. Now it’s time to log into your Email account and check for a mail from Roblox. In my case, it arrived almost immediately and will look like the one below. In case you entered a phone number, check your messages for a six digit code. Click on the Reset Password button page to be led to the relevant page.

Note: If you haven’t received an email from Roblox, make sure to check your spam folder.

5. It’s time to create a new password. Make sure to think of a strong one. You can use a Password Generator to get a secure combo. Make sure to note it down this time. Once done, press the Submit button.

You’ll now be immediately led to the Roblox home page and will be able to see your profile. Congratulations, you just reset your lost Roblox password! You can now use the Roblox login page with the new password you’ve set up.

Contact Roblox Support

In case you did not add a recovery email or phone number to your account then you must be stuck at the verification process. However, don’t worry as there’s a way around that too. For this we will need to contact Roblox support for help. Follow the steps below for that.

1. Visit the official Roblox Support page (website) to begin. You will now see a form in front of you. Let’s proceed to fill this out.

2. While you can skip your Roblox username or even your name, make sure to enter your email address for the support system to get back to you.

3. Under Issue Details, click on the relevant platform. For a lost password you can choose any. I’ll be choosing PC.

4. Under help category, choose Account Hacked or Can’t log in. A sub-category will now open up.

5. In the sub category, click on forgot password. You can even use the description box to give a more detailed account of your problem.

6. Once done, press the Submit button to send the support request.

And that’s it! Your ticket is now confirmed and you will be contacted by Roblox support through the email id you provided in the form. Roblox support usually takes 24-48 hours to get back to users so all you have to do now is wait. Provided you give the correct info, you should be able to gain access and recover your lost Roblox password quickly enough.

Turn on Two Step Verification

Now that you have recovered your lost Roblox password, it is time to reinforce your account with more protection. Roblox supports Two Step Verification which means once you enter your password, you will be required to enter a code through a compatible authenticator. This code changes quickly and can only be seen by you. Follow the steps below to learn how to turn it on:

1. On your Roblox page, click on the Settings cog and then click on Settings.

2. Under the Settings tab that appears, click on the Security tab to get to two factor.

3. Click on the box next to the Authenticator app option to proceed.

4. You will now be asked to enter your password. Do so and press the Continue button. A pop-up box will now open up.

5. Open the authenticator app and press on the Plus button. You can then choose from Scan the QR code or Setup Key. I’ll be choosing the QR Code.

6. Align the code on the barcode displayed and it will recognize the authenticator immediately.

7. Look for the Roblox Code in your authenticator and enter it in the blank text box on your PC. You can then click the verify button to complete the process.

8. You will now see your recovery codes. These are the codes you will have to use in case you lose access to the authenticator. Save these codes down somewhere as this is the only time you will see them. Once done, click on the tick box and press Close.

And you’re all done! The next time you log in to your Roblox account you can use your authenticator knowing you have an extra level of security.

General Account Safety Tips and Tricks

Now that you have your lost Roblox password back, make sure to keep the following tips in mind so as to not lose it again.

1. Create a Strong Password

This actually applies to not just your Roblox account but all of the others. No matter where your account is, always be sure to create a strong password that cannot be cracked easily. A good rule of thumb is to create a password that is a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. This ensures stronger security. And once you do create one, commit it to memory and make sure you don’t forget it. You can use a password manager to securely save your passwords.

2. Avoid Sharing Your Roblox Account with Others

Unless you really trust the other person, avoid sharing your Roblox log in credentials with people. This ensures the control of your account is only with you. Furthermore, if you do end up sharing your password, make sure to change it later on so future access by a third-party is blocked.

3. Always Keep 2FA On

Provided you followed our section on two factor authentication above, always be sure to never turn it off. Furthermore, make sure to not share the backup authentication codes with anyone as they are all single use.

Recover Your Lost Roblox Login Password with Ease

So that’s how you can recover your lost Roblox password and easily login to Roblox again. Hopefully, you were able to simply use the recovery email or phone number to reset your password. However, if you had to talk with Roblox support to get your account back, make sure you add recovery contact information to protect you from such issues in the future. Meanwhile, now that you have your account back, go ahead and try out some of the best scary Roblox games. Also, if you face any issues while resetting your Roblox login details, let us know in the comments.

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