House of the Dragon: How Does Rhaenys Die

Rhaenys has been a key member of House of the Dragon’s plot since the very beginning. Despite being jealous of Rhaenyra initially, Rhaenys joins her side and proves to be her biggest supporter. Every fan knew that Rhaenys would die at some point, but no one imagined that it would happen this early in the story. Well, prominent characters meeting a dark fate isn’t a new thing for series like Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon. That being said, Rhaenys’ death in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 still shocked the entire community, making everyone wonder how exactly she died.

Rhaenys’ Death in House of the Dragon Explained

Rhaenys in House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy – HBO

The latest episode of House of the Dragon featured an intense battle between House Green and House Black. Rhaenys and Meleys are surely forces to be reckoned with because of the strong bond the Targaryen Queen shares with her dragon, Meleys. However, she was going against Aemond and the biggest dragon in all of the Westeros, Vhagar.

In the midst of the battle, Aegon II and Sunfyre also arrive at the battlefield. And well, Rhaenys takes the chance and diverts her attention towards Aegon II. We all know that Aegon II is just a child who doesn’t know how to fight a battle, and Rhaenys, on the other hand, is a fierce warrior. So, it’s no wonder that Rhaenys sends Aegon II and Sunfyre back to the ground, possibly sending the Aegon to his death. After defeating Aegon II, Rhaenys had the chance to flee the scene and take Aegon’s defeat as a victory. However, Rhaenys had something else in mind.

Rhaenys Ultimate Attempt To End The War

Rhaenys was never in favor of the war between Blacks and Greens. She knew that a battle between the dragons would turn the skies hot and make the ground bleed red with the blood of countless innocents. She always advised Rhaenyra to find a way to prevent this war; however, deep inside her heart, she knew that this war was inevitable.

Rhaenys devotes her loyalty to Rhaenyra, and she ultimately decides to sacrifice her life over it. After fighting Aegon II, she could have fled the battlefield; however, she decided to confront Aemond and Vhagar. Rhaenys knew that if she defeated Aemond and Vhagar, she would break Greens, as Vhagar was one of the biggest dragons. Weaking Greens could’ve ended the war right then and there. So, she took that chance but ultimately paid a hefty price for it.

Rhaenys riding her dragon in House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy – HBO

Rhaenys was indeed a great warrior, and Meleys was a powerful dragon, but they were going against a much bigger dragon, Vhagar. As expected, Aemond and Vhagar turned the tide of the battle by killing Rhaenys and her dragon.

Greens lost Aegon II, possibly one of the weakest warriors, but Blacks, on the other hand, lost one of their most powerful warriors. Not only was Rhaenys a strong and experienced warrior, but she was also Rhaenyra’s greatest advisor. So, her death will adversely affect the Blacks’ position in this conflict. On top of that, Corlys will grow even more weary of Rhaenyra and Daemon after Rhaenys’ death in the battle. So, you can say that the Greens have the upper hand in the show so far.

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