Google’s Weather Mascot “Froggy” Now Wears a Face Mask

Google weather frog mask 1

As the Coronavirus-led pandemic has made the face mask a new norm in societies, we have seen many major companies remind the public to always wear a mask as per CDC recommendations. So now, Google’s weather mascot, Froggy also abides by the rules and wears a mask when it is mowing the lawn or hanging up the clothes.

Froggy has been Google’s weather mascot for some time now and users can see him doing various things when they search for weather updates. Now, as some of the Americans are now protesting against wearing a mask, the Mountain View-based tech giant has come up to remind users of the importance of wearing face masks.

Google recently rolled out an update for the Google app on Android that adds a mask to Google’s weather app mascot, Froggy. The frog does the regular things it does like taking down its clothes or roaming around the field whilst wearing a face mask. The frog even has several face masks that shuffle randomly in the app. So, you won’t be seeing Froggy in the same mask every time.

Google weather frog mask

Initially, the feature was not available for every region in the world when some Reddit users discovered it. However, Google recently rolled out a global update that adds the face masks to the frog for every Android user.

We have seen a similar move from Facebook recently when they announced to show alerts to users to encourage them to wear a face mask in public.

Google, aside from these subtle changes to their apps and services, has also been adding new safety features in their “Maps” app to help people avoid high-risk areas.


  1. Take the mask of the 🐸
    For starters the frog his outside… This is upsetting to see STOP the propaganda.

  2. This is the most ignoramus thing they have came up with yet!!! So despicable! TAKE THE MASK OFF THE FROG. CDC says wear the mask only if within 6 feet of people so why on earth is he wearing a mask all by himself?! That goes against the “science”. Ya morons!!

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Thank you anti mask wearer!!


    2. I completely agree with Stephanie! An autumn mask while apple picking with others – ok, cute PSA. Post-vax, 2021, and Froggy can’t remove the mask while picnicking solo atop a mtn, or using the toilet in his own home? Ridiculous!

  3. I hate the mask. I hate the mask on the frog. He’s not human, he is alone, he is out side. I am fed up with this communistic tyranny. Really? A mask on a frog? A pretend frog??? Enough of your leftist twaddle.

    1. I applaud you. Thank you for not being afraid and telling the truth. I get disgusted to see the frog with a mask.

  4. The mask is so awful…to put that on froggy. He is a frog…geeez…stop virtue signaling.

  5. That is absolutely stupid. Nothing like propaganda and subtle indoctrination of society. Get over it already.

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