Google AI chimera painter feat.

Google’s New AI Tool Can Convert Rough Animal Paintings Into Realistic 3D Renders

Google AI chimera painter feat.

Apart from improving its relatively new gaming service and its other software services, Google has been working on artificial intelligence (AI) for quite a long time. We have seen some pretty innovative tools from Google’s AI division, Google AI. Now, the Mountain View software giant released an AI-based web tool for video game creators to easily paint unique digital creatures from scratch.

Convert Child-Like Paintings Into 3D Masterpieces

Dubbed as the Chimera Painter, it is a nifty tool that can convert a rough digital-painting of a creature into a realistic 3D model with amazing textures and details. All the creators have to do is paint a creature and label its body parts for the tool to recognize them.

Now, to develop the tool, the creators trained the machine learning (ML) model on pictures of existing animals and their body parts. The developers fed the model thousands of CG animal images with labels to identify their body parts.

Google’s New AI Tool Can Convert Rough Animal Paintings Into Realistic 3D Renders
Source: Google AI

Following the training, the model was able to convert rough digital paintings of arbitrary creatures into realistic 3D renders. It uses the generative adversarial network (GAN) which means there are two models working in cooperation. So, one model renders an output and the other one criticizes it until it becomes desirable.

Now, the developers released the Chimera Painter as a demo tool for all to try it out on the web. I tried it out using Google Chrome and it worked pretty well for me.

Google ai chimera painter ss 1

It provides rough paintings of four fantastical creatures on which you can add your own personal touches. And once you add all your elements, click the transform button at the top to watch the tool convert them into realistic textures and designs.

So, if you are someone who paints digital creatures for apps and games, then I am sure you are going to love this tool. You can check it out from here.

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