ChatGPT Plugin in ONLYOFFICE: Generate Texts, Images, Summarize, Translate and More

ONLYOFFICE is one of the best online office suites in the market, and it recently got native ChatGPT integration. The updated ChatGPT plugin allows you to generate texts and images, translate and summarize texts, generate keywords, and much more. Basically, if you have integrated AI into your workflow and are using multiple apps, ONLYOFFICE is perfect for you! It has received all the AI features that you want in a document editor. In addition, the ChatGPT Plugin is also available on the cloud through ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. So, to learn more about the uses of the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE, follow our detailed explainer.

AI Feature Integrations in ONLYOFFICE

1. Generate Texts Using ChatGPT

With the updated ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE, you can generate texts right inside the editor. The special plugin allows you to input custom requests to ChatGPT and get the output instantly into the editor. I used the “Custom request” feature and asked ChatGPT to come up with a fictional story about the moon. Within a few seconds, the AI chatbot generated an interesting story about Luna and her relationship with the moon.

This is just an example to showcase the plugin’s ability to generate a variety of texts, from fictional stories to emails, letters, blogs, ad copy, and much more. With the text generation feature in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace (read our review here), you don’t have to rely on third-party services to generate texts. The plugin can generate fresh texts for various use cases in the editor itself with remarkable ease.

2. Summarize Texts Using ChatGPT

The ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE has several utilities and text summarization is one of the key features. You can simply select a paragraph or the whole text and right-click on it to analyze the text and create a summary at the bottom. If you working on a dense document with long-drawn paragraphs, summarization can help you quickly understand the text without having to delve deep into it.

To test the feature, I selected multiple paragraphs and asked ChatGPT to summarize the text in just a few clicks. It saved me enormous time which I used for other essential tasks where manual editing is necessary. So from text generation to summarization, you have all the AI features at your disposal on ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.

3. Keywords Generator in ONLYOFFICE

Those who write blogs, ad copies, social media posts, etc. are going to love this AI-powered feature in ONLYOFFICE. You can write or generate your blog using AI and then select the whole text to create tailored keywords. This will enormously help you gain traction on the web with keyword targeting and other SEO-relevant optimizations. I like that ONLYOFFICE has added these smart ChatGPT-powered features to make the editor a one-stop solution for writers, marketers, social media influencers, and more.

4. Explain Words and Phrases Using AI

Many users prefer to use ONLYOFFICE DocSpace for its excellent collaboration features. While editing or writing a document with multiple users, you might want to add an explanation to a word, phrase, or paragraph. To make that easier, ONLYOFFICE has added an AI-powered “Word analysis” feature that would find the meaning and add it as a comment automatically. How cool is that?

This will save other users working on the document from manually searching and looking for an explanation. Best of all, you can edit the generated comment and add your input, if you feel something is left out. Apart from that, you can also add the explanation or meaning of the word as a hyperlink. Users can click on the hyperlink and find the meaning on the web automatically.

5. ChatGPT-Powered Translation

ONLYOFFICE has integrated an AI-powered translation tool in the ChatGPT plugin. Currently, it supports translation to only two languages which include French and German. I assume translation support for more languages is coming soon. Nevertheless, the feature works pretty well in ONLYOFFICE, thanks to the ChatGPT plugin.

You simply need to select a paragraph and right-click on it to translate the specific text into French or German. The best part is that it automatically replaces the text with the translated text. So with the ONLYOFFICE editor, you only need to write once and then you can re-publish it in other languages as well.

6. Built-in AI Thesaurus

The ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE also adds an AI-powered Thesaurus and it works remarkably well. Simply place the cursor on any word and right-click on it and the ChatGPT plugin will quickly generate multiple synonyms. The best part is that the synonyms are tailored to the overall context of the text. You are likely to find a better word replacement using this feature. It will make your text fresh, interesting, and less repetitive.

7. AI Image Generator

One of the most exciting features of the new ChatGPT plugin is that it can generate images using AI right inside your ONLYOFFICE editor. You don’t even have to enter any special prompts to create images. Simply select the text or a paragraph and it can process the image automatically using contextual understanding. That’s quite interesting, right?

What’s more, it can generate even higher quality images, taking the resolution as high as 1024 x 1024. For the best fit into the editor, I would recommend 512 x 512 resolution, although you can go even smaller at 256 x 256. What surprised me was the speed at which it generated images. Unlike other AI image generators, the integrated plugin only takes a few seconds to process the image inside the ONLYOFFICE editor.

ONLYOFFICE has not mentioned which model it’s using for image generation, but it’s likely OpenAI’s Dall -E or Dall -E 2. Overall, the generated images are quite cool and understand even the most abstract texts.

8. Look Up Information

While researching a new topic, we generally open a browser or chatbot to find relevant information on that subject. However, with the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, you don’t have to do any of that. The plugin lets you chat with ChatGPT right inside the editor itself. You can right-click and start chatting with ChatGPT and find information on any subject.

The aim behind this feature is to save as much time as possible for the user. You can enter your query, and the plugin will instantly respond with a relevant answer. No need to leave the editor for a quick lookup on the web. That said, keep in mind, the AI model is trained up to September 2021 so you might not find the latest information.

9. Write Code with ChatGPT

Many users use ONLYOFFICE to write code documentation for various programming languages. And in this aspect as well, the ChatGPT plugin can help you quickly write demos and code samples quickly and efficiently. Simply open the context menu and launch ChatGPT -> Custom request. Here, you can ask ChatGPT to write code, and it will instantly add the relevant code snippet to the editor.

How to Install the ChatGPT Plugin in ONLYOFFICE

1. First of all, you need to obtain the OpenAI API key from here. New users get $5 worth of free tokens. After it’s exhausted, you need to pay to access the API.

2. Next, open ONLYOFFICE and move to the “Plugins” tab. You can use both desktop and cloud versions (ONLYOFFICE DocSpace).

3. Here, click on “Plugin Manager“.

4. Now, search for “ChatGPT” and install it.

5. Thereafter, right-click in the editor to open the context menu.

6. Move to ChatGPT -> Settings.

7. Finally, paste the OpenAI API key, and click on “Save”.

8. You can now start using the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE from the context menu.

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace: Pricing and Plans

The desktop version of ONLYOFFICE is completely free to use. You can also use the Plugin feature for absolutely free. The cloud version, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is free for startups, but it supports only one administrator and two power users. If you subscribe to the Business plan, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace will cost you $15 per admin per user with no restrictions.

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