8 Best Steam Deck Cases to Buy in 2024

Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming console that lets you play a wide variety of games on the move. However, it is also a relatively expensive device, and it is important to protect it from damage. Now, while you have several choices for cases, not all of them protect the hardware properly. So, we have compiled this guide to help you pick the best Steam Deck cases on the market, which provide a variety of features and styles to suit your needs.

1. Jsaux Kickstand Case


By this point, if you own a Steam Deck, you are probably familiar with the Jsaux brand. The company not only offers docking stations and chargers for Steam Deck at affordable prices, but also sells the Jsaux Kickstand Case for Steam Deck. And it solves two issues at once. The case adds a kickstand to the console being the first. This enables you to prop up the device on a tea table and game with family and friends with an extra controller. The second is the protective covering, ensuring that the Steam Deck can withstand some accidental falls.

This kickstand case from Jsaux covers just enough to protect the Steam Deck case and is a great option for those on a tight budget.

Buy from Amazon ($16.99)

2. Spigen Rugged Armor Protective Case

There might be times when a user does not care about a stand and want a solid protective case for their Steam Deck. After all, it is a pretty pricey piece of hardware, and no one wants to damage it. That is what the Spigen Rugged Armor Protective Case does — protect the device.

This case is made up of flexible TPU, which protects the system from shock or drops. Apart from that, this case covers every corner of the Steam Deck with precise cutouts for the triggers, ports, and ventilation. Additionally, there is a wrist strap included to further protect the device from slipping off and falling down.

Buy from Amazon ($19.99)

3. Jsaux ModCase for Steam Deck

Consider this situation – you have a Steam Deck that desperately needs some charging, and fortunately, you are carrying a power bank on you. Unfortunately, you dislike managing the long wires. The Jsaux ModCase for Steam Deck solves that issue. It comes with an adjustable silicone strap at the back, allowing you to snugly store something on the back of the console, preferably a power bank.

Apart from the silicone strap, the case has a textured grip, to allow a user to hold the device better, and a rugged TPU material shell for better protection. It doesn’t end there, as the case also has an adjustable metal back stand, with the option to attach a cooler sold separately by Jsaux. The case also comes with a front cover that protects the screens from dust and accidental falls. Overall, this case is an all-in-one solution for people who prefer a practical and versatile case.

Buy from Amazon ($29.99)

4. ProCase Flip Cover Case

Remember the old phone attachable with a front protective cover and a back TPU case? Yeah, it has been a while. ProCase reuses that idea with a modern twist. With the ProCase Flip Cover Case, we have a protective cover for Steam Deck that ensures that the screen gets ample amount of protection from any scratches.

If you do not fancy the flip cover, detach it from the case, thanks to the magnetic attachment and detachment system. This will give you a rugged TPU shell to protect the Steam Deck from fall damage and scratches. Furthermore, the case has an ergonomic design, allowing you to hold it properly.

Buy from Amazon ($17.99)

5. Moko Kickstand Protective Case

While Jsaux’s kickstand case gets its intended job done, it does not come with additional items to complement that. During such situations, Moko’s case comes to the rescue. The Moko Kickstand Protective Case is a TPU-made protective shell for Steam Deck. Because of its build quality, the case can protect the device from any sort of fall damage.

Furthermore, this case has a built-in kickstand at the back, so that you can put it on a table. The case also has proper cut-outs for every port and button on the Steam Deck.

Apart from the case, Moko packages a few thumb grips and protective pads for the thumb pads. It is a perfect purchase for people who want additional protection for certain buttons on the system, and it’s also one of the most affordable Steam Deck cases on the list.

Buy from Amazon ($12.95)

6. Dbrand Killswitch

Ah yes, Dbrand. Everyone knows them, everyone has heard their name. The company known for trolling and memeing its way into the phone skin and cover market also makes a protective case for the Steam Deck. However, its history is kind of like a black spot on its stellar record. With the original release of Killswitch, the protective covers for Steam Deck had a magnetic detachable back stand. Unfortunately, early Steam Deck models behaved strangely, as the fan inside the machine stopped working because of the magnet.

This revision of the Killswitch cover fixes that problem. The company claims that this is the slimmest protective cover for the system and has military-grade impact resistance. Additionally, the case comes with an optional travel cover for the front, a skin for your Steam Deck, and a detachable kickstand.

This time around, Dbrand made a proprietary backplate mount that, as per their claim, will support future attachments released by the company. As for grips, the Killswitch has tiny ridges, adding to the grip. And the whole package comes with a skin to put on your Steam Deck. If you have money to spend, want a reliable protective case, and change the looks of your Steam Deck, this is the option to choose.

Buy from Dbrand ($59.95)

7. Anbee Protective Silicone Case

Sometimes the gap between dropping your Steam Deck and holding it decided by how sweaty your palms are. Anbee’s protective Silicone case aims to fix that. First off, this is a completely silicone-made case, so if you are planning on getting it to protect the machine from fall damage, look at other options.

However, what this case does bring to the table are colorful looks and a strong grip. The back and handle of the case have an anti-slip and sweat-proof design that gives an impressive grip to the system. Furthermore, there are four color variants available for the case.

If you are confident of your skills of not dropping the system and want a fancy case that is pleasant to the eyes, Anbee is the perfect choice for you.

Buy from Amazon ($14.99)

8. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

The final entry in this list is a no-nonsense rugged case for the Steam Deck that solely does what it is purchased for — to protect the console. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is made of shock-absorbing TPU, which ensures that the device stays safe if accidentally dropped. It comes in four different colors and has a proper full-body design. Furthermore, the case has a back stand and snaps in place properly. Supcase Unicorn Bettle is a perfect choice for people that wants a solid case to protect the systems from.

Buy from Amazon ($21.99)

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