2 Must Have Android Games in 2012

Android community offers a lot of games for those who love to play games on their smartphone. But which one to choose, download and play depends upon the user, here we are sharing 2 must have Android Games in 2012,

Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando “one man army ” is one of the most fascinating action games available on googleplaystore. This game is one of the best games of all times developed by Glu Mobile and gives thrilling experience of action mixed with 3rd person shooting.
The story starts with a commando who was left alone in his last mission losing all his mates.

Now it is his job to complete the mission alone against a brutal dictator ‘khan’ . Would he be able to survive and conquer his enemies? This is what the game is all about!

The game is having realistic graphics and exhilarating gaming experience than any other game. With over 5 million downloads it seems to be one of the most popular games on Playstore.

With the choice of different weapons that can be bought from the store at the cost of gold coins which can be earned as bonus or by winning missions the strategy of glu mobile is quite impressive.

The game has different levels where you can unlock new assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, rocket launchers, armsetc and buy them with cash earned during the missions. Different game modes like survival, elimination etc.  adds to the adventure.  Have a look at the screenshots.

The controls are really simple and dodging, aiming and weapon reloading add to the experience. The background music does exactly what it is meant for making the game more realistic and electrifying.

The final verdict is the game is smooth, realistic and thrilling and one of the best 3rd person shooting game on Play store.

Hardware requirements
Android 2.2 or later
1 Ghz processor min and latest GPU
512 mb RAM

App Size
124 MB (112MB for data + 12 MB for APK)

Move to SD card support

Free on Google Play

Cross Court Tennis

If you are a tennis fan, then this game is meant for you. Developed by Refined Games Cross Court tennis is a fun to play.

You don’t have to care much about playing, because the game is quite simple with easy to play controls yet enjoyable. Here are some of the screenshots taken while playing the game.

The game has career mode and instant play option which are good to explore, difficulties are beginner, medium and advanced which can take you from local match tennis court to championships. Sound is realistic as if watching live tennis.

Game has options for making a challenge against decision which makes it more convincing. More over some emotions outburst are also added, so if you miss the ball, the player can become irritated and throw his racket.

Most impressive feature is it’s simple controls, the auto-run mode allows you to develop your shots, easy gestures like swipe to spin, slice, topspin, flat, smash etc.

Apart from controls the game is easy to download just 17 MB, and is available in free as well as paid version on Play store.

The verdict is if you are a tennis fan and you want a light tennis game, then download it right now, and if you are not a tennis fan give it a try.

Hardware requirements
Android 2.2 or later
1 GHz processor min or latest graphic processing unit
512 MB RAM

17.13 MB

Move to SD card support

Free and paid here.

Let us know in comments if you liked above games, we’ll be coming up with some more selective games soon. Keep Playing!

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