YouTube Adds a ‘Create’ Button for Shorts in Player Interface

YouTube Adds a ‘Create’ Button for Shorts in Player Interface

Having launched YouTube Shorts last September to compete with apps like TikTok, YouTube added a dedicated Shorts button for better discoverability of the feature in October. The company is now testing a new ‘Create’ button that brings the ability to create YouTube Shorts right to the video player interface.

As first reported by Android Police, the new Create button is available for YouTube users in India. The new Create button sits right next to the Share button. Tapping on the Create button gives you access to the Shorts creation interface. Like you would expect, YouTube will preselect the song when you use this button. Once you reach this page, you can continue creating the short video as you’d normally do.

It is worth keeping in mind that this new Create button isn’t available on all music videos. This is probably due to song licensing limitations. However, the availability of the button could expand to more videos in the future. For videos that are not included, you get the usual Like, Dislike, Share, Download, and Save buttons, thereby creating an inconsistency in the player interface across different videos.

The worst part, however, is that you can’t disable this button. This is undoubtedly an inconvenience for those users who are not even remotely interested in creating and uploading short videos on YouTube. The presence of the Create button right next to the Share button could also lead to accidental taps when you’re trying to share a video with others. With such intrusive button placements, YouTube follows Instagram’s path in adding buttons that sabotage usage patterns and muscle memory.

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  • Valerie Olivio says:

    Is this available in USA too? I don’t have the button on mine. How do I get it? Thx!

  • Miles R says:

    This isn’t just on Music Videos. It is on a lot of my Minecraft videos too.

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