Windows 8 Start Menu Alternatives

Windows 8 Start Menu Alternatives

Windows 8 Start Menu Alternatives

If you are having hard time using windows 8 desktop mode always missing that classic windows logo on the bottom left. Then here a few windows 8 start menu buttons alternatives, these applications will make your task simple by bringing back that windows start menu logo with many customization options you will love.

Here are 9 different Windows 8 Start Menu Alternatives,

1. Start menu 8

start menu8

The app will allow you customize the windows logo and make short-cuts for switching between desktop mode and the metro mode of Windows8. It even allows you to directly switch to the desktop mode when you boot up without need to see the windows 8 start screen.

Developer: IObit

Availability: free

2.  Start 8


From the developers of well known customization apps on windows platform (object dock and windows blinds) this app will give you a whole bunch of customization features but not free, it is a paid app but a good choice.

 Developer: Stardock Software

Availability: paid

3. Classic shell

classic shell

The app will completely transform the windows 8 desktop to windows 7 user experience by making changes to the taskbar, hot corners to the explorer.

Developer: Ivo Beltchev

Availability: free

4. Pokki


This app will not restore your old windows 7 start button but will completely transform using its own user experience which is quite new and refreshing one.

Developer: sweetLabs

Availability: free

5. Power8


With minimal customization features this application offers you only what you want with nice simple and clean user interface.

Developer: Power8

Availability: free

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6. StartIsback


This application will bring the closest possible feeling of using the windows 7 style start menu, with the same features like pinning, searching and exploring in your old windows 7 OS.

Developer: Tihiy

Availability: trial and paid

7. StartW8


Nice 2D look perfectly matches the user interface of windows 8 giving more UI compatible feelings. The application has less options but does a decent job in fulfilling all necessary requirements like direct log on to desktop mode.

Developer: SODATSW

Availability: free

8. RetroUI


The app is packed with tile icons in the start menu and in taskbar along with pinning capabilities with certain windows short-cuts and fly out menu.

Developer: Thinix

Availability: trial and paid

9. ViStart


This application comes with minimal options and customizability and missing right click options. There are choices of the skins available and the logo can also be customised.

Developer: Lee-Soft

Availability: free

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