Vibetoon animation music video tool

This Tool Lets You Create Animated Music Videos with Customized Cartoon Avatars!

Vibetoon animation music video tool

If you are a content creator, especially the one focused on music composing and arranging, I’m sure you use those copyright-free, aesthetic footage in your videos while your music compositions play in the background. What if I told you that you can create customized, animated scenes with your own characters, synchronizing their movements to your music? Enter Vibetoon! An online, creative tool to do just that. Check out the details below to find out more!

Vibetool Lets You Create Customized, Animated Music Videos

Vibetoon, created by Vitaly Nikolaeva and Veronica Nikolaeva, is a simple yet highly useful tool for online content creators who are primarily focused on music and instruments. With Vibetoon, you can create your own cartoon avatars, dress them up, place them in one of the multiple pre-set scenes, and create a music animated music video to match your music and compositions.

On ProductHunt, the co-founder of Vibetoon and V+ Animation Studio, Veronica Nikolaeva, wanted an easy-to-use creative tool to create short animations in a cost-effective way. Hence, they created Vibetoon to help content creators easily create looping, animated videos, featuring customized avatars online.

You will be able to start by choosing the gender, skin tone, eyes, hair, and lips of their avatar. You can also change the color of your hair, eyes, and facial hair, and choose from a range of trousers, tops, shoes, jackets, headwear, wristwear, and other accessories to dress the avatar. This is similar to how you can create Bitmojis on Snapchat. Your avatar can even have a pair of AirPods Pro in their ears.

After creating the avatar, you can select one of the multiple pre-set scenes to place your avatar. Furthermore, animation elements like a guitar, coffee cup, notebook, smartphone, or even a doobie can be added! These animations can be synchronized to match the tempo of the music. On the scene-selection page, you can also set the aspect ratio of the video and upload their music in the form of .MP3 files. After the file gets uploaded, the video gets automatically synchronized with the audio, which is pretty useful.

Now, it is worth mentioning that Vibetoon is not a free tool that costs $4.99 (~Rs 387) a month to download the videos and publish them online. Although, you can still create the music videos for free. As part of the plan, you can create and download multiple avatars and use them with different scenes and animations to create brand new videos every time. You can check out Vibetoon on its official website and if you use it, do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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