Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints (July 5, 2024)

Your search for today’s Wordle answer and hints has landed you in the right place. As is the norm, the Wordle for July 5, 2024, was a bit tricky to guess. Nonetheless, we have got your back in getting the right answer for today’s NYT Wordle. Scroll below to find out easy hints to reach the right word. Along with Wordle hints, we have also provided the answer, in case the hints don’t help.

Best Wordle Starting Words

Before diving into hints and answers, it’d be a good decision to put in some effort to figure out the word on your own. For that, you can use best Wordle starting words so that you reach the answer without much hassle. Here’s a list of best words for starting Wordle.


This is not an exhaustive list. We also have a large collection with some of the best Wordle starting words.

Hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

The Wordle answer for July 5, 2024, will be easy to get if you get some hints. To help you in the puzzle, we have provided some hints for today’s Wordle answer.

HINT 1: The answer has one vowel.

HINT 2: None of the letters are repeating in today’s Wordle answer.

HINT 3: Some synonyms for the answer are first squeeze, press, and pulp.

What Does Today’s Wordle Start With?

Well, if the above-mentioned hints have not been very helpful, here’s another hint for today’s Wordle answer that’ll definitely help you.

Today’s Wordle answer for July 5, 2024, starts with the letter “C”.

Today’s Wordle Answer (July 5, 2024)

The answer for Wordle #1112 on July 5, 2024, is —


Definition — The word Crush means to squeeze something with force in an attempt to destroy it. For example, “You need to crush Pistachios to eat them.”

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Yesterday’s Wordle Answer

If you failed to solve the previous day’s puzzle due to your hectic schedule or are curious about the answer, here it is.

The answer for yesterday’s Wordle #1111 on July 4, 2024, is “DEBUT”.

Definition — Debut means to make a first appearance or introduce something for the first time. For example, “I made my debut in domestic cricket after playing it for high school for years.”

Past Wordle Answers

For Wordle aficionados, we have a list of previous answers as well. Check out past Wordle answers.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a word puzzle game by NYT. You are given six attempts to guess a five-lettered word. The letters are highlighted in Yellow and Green when you input a word. Yellow denotes that the letter appears in the answer for the Wordle but it’s not at the right position. Whereas, the green highlighted letter means that it you have guessed the right letter in the right position.

Simple Wordle Tips & Tricks

While it may seem winning at Wordle is easy, it is actually quite difficult to get that pesky five-letter word. However, there are certain Wordle tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you get the answer almost every time. Some of our most recommended hints are:

  • Choose a strong starting word – One of the mistakes many people make in Wordle is thinking that choosing any odd word will do. However, we suggest you always pick a strong starting word that ensures you get the most common letters right. As mentioned above, a good starting word has a lot of things going for it. Check out some recommendations above and also read our guide for more information.
  • Repeating letters is good – Many users think all Wordle answers have different letters. However, that is not the case, as we have historically gotten a lot of words with repeating letters. Therefore, I would advise you not to be afraid of repeating letters as there are chances the Wordle answer will have one or two letters that repeat themselves.
  • Use the Wordlebot – As described above, NYT’s Wordlebot is an intuitive bot that analyzes your responses and compares them against itself. Instilling some healthy competition can help you improve your own Wordle guessing and see what you could have done better. So the next time you don’t know what you did wrong, check out the Wordlebot.

Now that you’re done with today’s Wordle answer, here are some Wordle alternatives that you can play to keep yourself engaged.

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