This AI Reads Privacy Polices on Behalf of You

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Let’s admit it. Nobody is interested to read those long paragraphs of privacy policies that show up on a new app or service signup process. However, with apps these days that compromise a lot of privacy and get around it by claiming that it is mentioned in their privacy policy, it has become a necessity to read those boring privacy policies. Well, you can actually skip reading it, thanks to Guard, a new policy-reading AI.

Yes, you read that right. Guard analyzes the privacy policies of companies and shows you the critical clauses in the policy that it thinks might be sensitive and too serious to be casually ignored.

Guard shows you an overall score, the number of potential privacy threats, and the list of past privacy scandals. The website, however, can’t examine polices of apps and services on demand, yet. Nevertheless, a list of popular and most commonly used services including Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Tinder, and WhatsApp is present.

You can help the development of Guard in two ways – you can teach the AI to read more privacy policies or suggest the next product or service that should be included in Guard’s list.

A mobile app for Guard is in the works as well. The app is not live yet but you can join the waitlist to get beta access to the app whenever it gets ready to be rolled out by entering your email address here.

Despite all these, we would recommend you not to take this service as a final word for privacy policies. It should be used to get a rough idea about the privacy policy of apps & services and further in-depth research should be done by you if you care so much about privacy or you’re a professional privacy consultant.

So, what are your thoughts on Guard? Let us know in the comments.

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