There’s a Game That Lets You Dunk Basketballs on Donald Trump

There’s a Game That Lets You Dunk Basketballs on Donald Trump

There’s a Game That Lets You Dunk Basketballs on Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is a figure that is quite often bashed on social media, especially on Twitter. Thanks to his poorly thought-out, impulsive-sounding, mostly insensitive tweets, the Twitter bashing is a very frequent thing for Donald Trump, especially since Twitter itself won’t ban him even if he basically threatened nuclear war with a rogue nation.

Jayson Musson, an artist and photographer by education, has created a game that distills the United States’ unofficial national past-time — bashing Trump — into a pixel-art game.

It’s not really a game, even by Musson’s own description on — where the game is uploaded. Instead, Musson describes ’Dunk on Trump’ as something that is “repetitive as shit with no win condition.”

The description itself is quite the fun thing to read, casually informing the reader that Musson himself is “not a game dev at all,” the description goes on to state “I hardly know what I’m doing, but much like Donald Trump, I didn’t let ignorance or lack of technical competence get in the way of my dreams, which is to let people vicariously dunk on Donald J. Trump.”

I played the ‘game,’ and weirdly enough, it is fun, if only to watch a pixel-style basketball player ‘Dunk on Trump,’ causing him to fall down and slide away towards the edge of the screen.

‘Dunk on Trump’ uses music from MegaPixel Music, and if you’re not satisfied with playing the game in your browser, it’s also available to download for both Windows and Mac. There’s a ‘Name Your Price’ condition to download the game, and I’d recommend donating at least something for Musson’s priceless creation, but if you wish, you can skip the donation and download it right away, you miser.

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