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Tangi is Google’s New App for Learning New Things Everyday

Now you don't need 20 minutes to learn something new.

Tangi ft

Who here reads recipe books or user manuals? Let’s see a raise of hands. Since the inception of video platforms like YouTube and IGTV, whenever we need a new recipe or struggle with a new product, a simple YouTube search solves all the problems. But any how-to, DIY or recipe videos on YouTube take really long to get to the point. To solve this problem, Google’s Area 120 Lab came up with a new app called “Tangi”. Tangi is a video platform for short and crisp videos illustrating simple food recipes, DIY projects and fashion tricks.

The app is simple. There are a handful of creators making videos which are of less than a minute, as there is a 60-sec cap. So the videos in the platform remain compact delivering more information in less time. There are five categories in the app – Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion & Beauty and Lifestyle. Each category contains videos of 30-55 seconds. There is no section for tech as of now. But I think the tech section will be a great addition to the list. So if you want to know how to reset or root your smartphone, you still have to go to YouTube.

The name of the app is an unusual one, but there is an explanation. The company said in a blog post that it came from the words “TeAch aNd GIve” and “tangible” which means things you can touch/make.

One drawback of the app is that it is currently available only for the iOS platform. So Android users have to rely on the website. If you are wondering when did Google start releasing apps for iOS first, well, Google has done this before too, with the Motion Stills app and Gboard.

I installed the on my iPhone X and it runs pretty well. If you browse in the “all” section, that contains videos from all the categories, you can learn cool new DIY tricks and some simple and innovative food recipes.

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So what are you waiting for? iOS users can download the app from here.

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