10 Best Solo Leveling Arcs (Ranked)

The Solo Leveling anime gave us a glimpse of Sung Jinwoo’s journey to leveling up and becoming the ultimate powerhouse in this fantasy drama. Anime fans only saw Jinwoo achieve the status of the Shadow Monarch in the initial few arcs, but there’s a lot more in store as Manhwa fans will tell you. Having read the Manhwa, I can’t wait to see the arcs that captivated me and other fans get the anime treatment. While we wait for Season 2, I thought it was the right time to revisit each arc and rank them. So, scroll down and check out where your favorite Solo Leveling arc ranks on the list.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for many major events from the manhwa, so please read the source material to avoid ruining the intended experience.

I will be honest with you, it was one hell of a task to rank all the Solo Leveling arcs as I loved reading the manhwa, and I’ve read it twice. However, for the purpose of this guide, here is how I would rank my favorite arcs:

10. Job Change Arc

Sung Jin-Woo vs Igris in Solo Leveling anime.
Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by A-1 Pictures (X/@sololeveling_pr)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 38-45
  • Web Novel Chapters: 46-55
  • Anime Episodes: 11 and 12

The Job Change arc was one of the most crucial arcs of the series as it perfectly laid the foundation of the power fantasy element while elevating it to the next level. Up until this point, the story was moving at a normal pace but shifted into high gear once this arc began. Jinwoo faced one of his strongest foes to date, Igris the Blood Red, making it one of the best battles in Solo Leveling.

It was a short arc yet the way it changed the trajectory of the story cannot be undermined. Jinwoo becoming the Shadow Monarch by switching his class to Necromancer was something anime fans might not have expected to happen.

So, the whole arc was riveting with action setpieces and featured a huge twist in the story. This was when we began to see that Sung Jinwoo was going to reach places that we had never thought of.

9. Red Gate Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 46-55
  • Web Novel Chapters: 56-64
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

This is the arc where the story will pick up from in season 2 of the Solo Leveling anime. Sung Jinwoo tried to make aware of the perilous job of hunters to Han Song-Yi by undertaking a training exercise along with her. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, it was revealed that they were trapped inside a red gate.

What started as a simple teaching journey turned into a nightmare within the dungeon. However, this also became the perfect opportunity for Jinwoo to test his newfound powers as the Monarch of Shadows.

Towards the final moments of this arc, Jinwoo fought against Baruka, the leader of the Ice Elves and it was a joy to watch him shine and rescue his fellow hunters back safely out of the Red Gate.

8. Ahjin Guild Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 111 – 122
  • Web Novel Chapters: 136 – 150
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

Jinwoo is the hottest hunter to be recruited by the best guilds throughout the story. However, he doesn’t go with any of them and starts his own guild called Ahjin Guild alongside Yoo Jinho. As the duo undertake their first-ever mission to clear a supreme A-Rank gate, an unexpected danger approaches the school region where Jinwoo’s sister, Sung Jinah, studies.

Jinwoo once again finds himself in a much disadvantageous position as he cannot leave his fellow hunters until he defeats the powerful monsters inside the gate. At the same time, he has to save his sister from an impending hazard. So, we get to see Sung Jinwoo unleash his shadow powers to save the day not only inside the dungeon but also save his sister outside.

It’s one of those thrilling arcs where the stakes are higher and Jinwoo makes the satisfaction at the end even higher by stealing the show.

7. Japan Crisis Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 132 – 139
  • Web Novel Chapters: 165 – 182
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

The Japan Crisis arc was yet another mini-arc in the series, however, the amount of satisfaction and action stayed intact as the other arcs. Sung Jinwoo came to aid Japan in the case of an S-Rank gate that their hunters struggled to clear up. However, by this point, Jinwoo almost reached the pinnacle of his powers.

Thus, Sung Jin-Woo came to the rescue and he saved the day from the rampage like he always does against these behemoth-level giants. In addition to the action, a lot of lore was expanded which was super interesting to follow up on as well. Thus, the Japan Crisis arc was a mini-banger arc!

6. Double Dungeon Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 123-131
  • Web Novel Chapters: 150-164
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

I have always loved revenge-based films and TV shows as it’s always extremely satisfying to witness the payoff at the end. After reading the D-Rank Dungeon arc, I always knew there would be a point in the series where Jinwoo would revisit to the dungeon where it all started to experience the sweet taste of revenge against the architect who sent him to the brink of his death.

There is a popular saying, “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and this quote describes the vibe of this arc perfectly. Alongside the spectacular action in this arc, many mysteries about the system, its origin, rules, and much more were unraveled in this arc.

Therefore, in terms of both action and storytelling, Solo Leveling undoubtedly peaked with this arc!

5. D-Rank Dungeon Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by A-1 Pictures (X/@sololeveling_pr)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 1-10
  • Web Novel Chapters: 1-7
  • Anime Episodes: 1-3

This arc is where it all started and marked the birth of the Shadow Monarch’s successor, Sung Jinwoo. To this day, I still remember the chills I had seeing that spine-chilling panel of the God smiling. The first-ever raid to an unexpected double-dungeon still lives as one of the best experiences we had in the Solo Leveling series.

We were able to truly experience the life-or-death situation faced by our hero, and the incredible finale of Sung Jinwoo getting a second chance at life with the mysterious system just brought out every emotion among fans.

After reading this arc, I mean we all dreamt of getting the message, “Congratulations! You have become a player” aren’t we?

4. International Guild Conference Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 140 – 149
  • Web Novel Chapters: 183 – 199
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

I’ve never felt as tensed and excited at the same time in any other arc as I did during Solo Leveling’s International Guild Conference Arc. Let me explain! Sung Jinwoo was entrusted with representing his home country at the International Guild Conference held in the US.

With the Monarchs descending to Earth to annihilate him and Jinwoo going head-to-head against an S-Rank Hunter, Hwang Dongsoo and Thomas Andre raised the stakes and the tension to hit the rooftop. The fights were absolutely incredible and showcased how overpowered our MC is against the top-tier hunters.

3. Monarchs War Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 150-166
  • Web Novel Chapters: 200-224
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

Sung Jinwoo became the primary target for the Monarchs who just descended to earth to kill the Ruler’s vessels. It’s yet another situation where our MC gets thrown into an arduous predicament, however, Sung Jin-Woo successfully managed to pull off an “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger” moment.

The way Jinwoo obliterated the Monarchs was an absolute delight to watch all day. It’s one of those arcs where the Shadow Monarch boasted his powers against the strongest opponents and came back without a scratch. Thus, the Monarchs War arc is one of the best in Solo Leveling, and you can enjoy it from start to end with amazing battles and showoffs.

2. Final Battle Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 167 – 177
  • Web Novel Chapters: 225 – 243
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

Sung Jinwoo’s leveling-up journey came to an end with him becoming the next Shadow Monarch and unlocking all the powers and abilities. This is when the strongest monarch, Antares, the King of Dragons decided to knock on the door of Earth which marked the start of the epic clash between these two titans.

The final battle between these two monarchs was nothing short of legendary. However, it ended a little bit quicker than I expected it to be. But that doesn’t rob us of the fun as this arc served as the perfect conclusion with numerous twists to the heroic story we’ve been following for a long time.

1. Jeju Island Arc

Image Courtesy: Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong, Gi So-Ryeong, and Jang Sung-Rak (Fandom/Solo Leveling Wiki)
  • Manhwa Chapters: 90-107
  • Web Novel Chapters: 111-127
  • Anime Episodes: TBA

Undoubtedly, the Jeju Island arc stands tall and mighty as the greatest arc of Solo Leveling. This is where I experienced the pinnacle of the series, and no other arc comes close to it. One can point out that this arc reminds us of the Chimera Ant arc, one of the best arcs in Hunter x Hunter. Although I agree with this, there are plenty of things where this story sets itself apart with brilliant action and shows off why it is known as the ultimate power fantasy tale.

This arc ticked all the needs of a superlative experience: unreal tension and stakes, strongest bosses, MC stealing the show in the best way possible, and whatnot. This is right when we know how daring and extremely powerful Sung Jin-Woo is. This arc pushed the ceiling of Solo Leveling to the highest order and no other arc could achieve that feat again.

And that wraps up our list of the best arcs in Solo Leveling. Many of the best arcs we have seen here still haven’t been adapted into the anime. Thus, we are waiting with bated breath as the anime will elevate the source material to greater heights just like how Season 1 did.

That said, what is your favorite arc in Solo Leveling? Let us know in the comments below.

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