sony playstation 5 official logo unveil ces 2020

PlayStation 5 Might Launch in India at the Same Time as Its International Launch

sony playstation 5 official logo unveil ces 2020

If you are excited about the upcoming PlayStation console launch, this news will probably make you even more excited. According to new reports, Sony may be launching the PS5 in India at the same time as its international launch. For those unaware, the Japanese giant has usually launched its consoles in India a while after their international availability. However, that is probably not going to be the case this year.

Along with that good news, which comes courtesy of The Mako Reactor, there’s also some bad news to go. Reportedly, a Delhi retailer has hinted that the price of the PS5 is going to be pretty high. “We wanted to list the PS5 on our social channels a few months ago,” says the retailer. “No price has been given to us and we just wanted to do this so customers could tell us if they’re interested. However Sony India told us it would be on the expensive side when it hits and has asked us to focus on PS4 instead.”

While it’s a little disheartening that the console will be “on the expensive side when it hits”, it’s not too surprising. The PS5 is leaps and bounds ahead of the PS4 in terms of hardware and capability. Having a higher price may well be justified by the new experiences the console unlocks, including those brought along by the new Dual Sense controller.

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