[UPDATE: Official Statement] OnePlus Nord 2 Battery Explodes During Bike Ride

OnePlus Nord 2 Battery Explodes During Bike Ride

[Original post | 2nd Aug, 11:55 am] – When the wife of Ankur Sharma, a resident of Bengaluru, bought a brand new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone recently, she did not think that it would lead to such a disastrous experience, given the brand’s track record. However, the new OnePlus Nord 2 device exploded inside her sling bag as she rode a bicycle, leading to a traumatic experience.

Sharma took to Twitter to report about the incident. In a tweet, Ankur shared four high-res images of the burned device along with some more details. However, the tweet was later deleted by Sharma, possibly as per instructions from OnePlus. The incident was reported by the Dutch media house LetsGoDigital and you can check out some of the images here:

As per the tweet, Sharma’s wife bought the device just five days back. Following this, she went on a bike ride with the new smartphone inside her sling bag. The OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded inside the bag, and a heavy amount of smoke started coming out of it. It happened while Sharma’s wife was riding the bicycle, and hence, it led to a traumatic accident for her.

As per the images, the device seems to have exploded from the inside. The explosion destroyed the chassis, screen, and back panel of the device. Even the damaged Lithium-Ion protective bag was visible after the blast.

So, it is possible that the explosion was triggered by the 4,500mAh battery inside the OnePlus Nord 2. However, the exact cause for the explosion remains under wraps as of now. Following the post on Twitter, OnePlus reached out to Ankur Sharma via an official tweet from its support handle. The company said that it wants to “make amends” for the incident. You can check out the tweet attached below.

Now, after OnePlus shared the tweet, Ankur Sharma deleted his original post along with the images. This was possibly done as per OnePlus’ instructions as the company would not want such a report to be out in the open for potential customers. Moreover, Sharma later confirmed that OnePlus has already acknowledged the issue and has already started the root cause analysis (RCA) for the incident.

Featured Image Courtesy: LetsGoDigital

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