20+ Netflix Hacks, Tips, and Tricks You Should Be Using

Do you like binging TV shows and movies? Being the user favorite OTT platform, Netflix strives hard for its audience to have a seamless entertainment experience. It has brought more than 15,000 titles, among which we have some great Netflix originals, to its 200 million (and counting) global subscribers. Netflix provides the best streaming service currently available on the planet by presenting some nifty features to its users. It also encouraged independent developers indirectly to make the platform more useful. However, the real question is if you are using Netflix to its full potential? If not, we have curated this list of quirky Netflix hacks, tricks, and tips for you to make the most out of your binge-watching experience. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Best Netflix Hacks and Tricks You Should Know (2021)

Here are some useful Netflix tricks introduced by the company over the years, but they aren’t widely used by subscribers.

1. Play Something with Voice Controls

You can ask your AI assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri to play your favorite shows on Netflix.

Amazon recently introduced the “Play Something” feature to Alexa as well. It will start a random show or movie on Netflix when you use the following command – “Alexa, Play Something on Netflix.” We expect this feature to roll out for other assistants in the coming days, making it a nifty Netflix hack for couch potatoes.

Moreover, you can use voice commands if you find typing long movie titles with your remote tiring. It’s better to use voice commands when you know what exactly you want to watch. Just remember to add “on Netflix” after you say the name of the movie/ TV show to your voice assistant. For example, you can say – “Hey Google, play You Season 3 Episode 2 on Netflix”. This feature is equally compatible with other voice-activated devices such as smart TVs. They usually have a microphone button on the remote. The commands are limited at the time, but it covers everything you will need from Netflix.

Supported Voice Commands for Netflix

  • To open Netflix, say “Launch Netflix” or “Open Netflix.”
  • Browse movies/ TV shows from a specific genre, actor, or director using the following commands: “Show me thrillers on Netflix,” “Find movies by Quentin Tarantino on Netflix,” and “Show me movies with Tom Hanks on Netflix,” among others.
  • Search for specific titles using the following commands: “Find Interstellar on Netflix” and “Show me Squid Game on Netflix.” This command is useful when you are unsure if the show is available on Netflix or want to look at the description before watching it.
  • Play a movie/ show directly. For example, “Play Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix.” This feature is helpful if you know what you want to see.
  • To pause the TV show or movie you are watching, simply say “Pause.” You can also use other controls like “Play,” “Fast forward,” and “Rewind.”

2. Use Netflix in VR

If you own an Oculus or Google Daydream VR headset, you can watch Netflix like never before. All you have to do is download the Netflix app from the Oculus Store or Netflix VR app from the Play store for Daydream. The further procedure is straightforward as feeding in your login details and enjoying the best movies on Netflix and best Netflix TV series

However, the VR experience still has much scope for improvement. For instance, there is no VR-specific movie or show available on Netflix just yet. All you get is a different environment from your home to enjoy the OTT subscription. Inside, it is still like watching it on a TV, but with a slightly more immersive experience. 

3. Netflix’s Top 10 List

Netflix recently launched a dedicated site to show the Top 10 list of movies and shows people are watching. It shows the top 10 films and series in the English and non-English category, according to global viewing hours.

The website also shows the number of weeks a particular show has topped the chart. Therefore, you can precisely know what’s currently trending and what is bringing the audience for a longer time, which might mean it is a better show. You can also see the country-specific lists for regional content. That makes it one of the best Netflix tips and tricks for users who usually find it hard to settle on what to watch after booting up the streaming service. However, it only shows the top rankings and skips the viewing hours, which is disappointing.

4. Which ISP Provides Best Netflix Service?

When 200 million people spend their time on your platform, you get a lot of data. Netflix is one company using such data to its benefit. From curating content to telling users the best ISP provider in their region, it’s always in viewers’ best interest.

Netflix previously launched Fast.com, one of the best internet speed test sites in the market. They used it to bring out corrupt internet providers who were throttling speed and create the “ISP speed index” for Netflix. It’s a leaderboard that shows which ISP works best in your region for streaming. The metrics distribute the internet providers in various tiers and show you their performance from the last six months. You also get to see the type of connection you can get from the internet company, for instance, wireless or fiber.

It could be a handy tool if you have just moved to a new location and looking to get a new internet connection. So, accommodate your streaming needs before you settle on an ISP with this Netflix hack.

5. Hidden Netflix Category Codes

It can be challenging to search for something you like when a plethora of content is at your disposal. So, wouldn’t it be great to have some Netflix hack to dive deep into niche genres to find exactly what suits you? Well, there is something like that. Netflix assigns each genre with a specific numeric code, which is visible in the URL. Here’s an example – (https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/43040). The number in this URL is “43040“, and it belongs to the “Action Comedy” genre on Netflix. More than 3000 such codes consist of director-specific movies, actor-specific movies, or any vague genre like “Chinese Martial Arts.” 

Below are the secret codes for some popular categories for you to try. We also have a comprehensive guide on Netflix’s secret codes that you can check out via the linked article. 

Action and Adventure

  • 1365: Action & Adventure
  • 8985: Martial Arts Movies
  • 2125: Military Action & Adventure
  • 7442: Adventures
  • 10118: Comic Book and Superhero Movies
  • 11828: Foreign Action & Adventure
  • 77232: Asian Action Movies
  • 46576: Classic Action & Adventure
  • 7700: Westerns
  • 10702: Spy Action & Adventure
  • 9584: Crime Action & Adventure
  • 43040: Action Comedies
  • 43048: Action Thrillers

Classic Movies

  • 48744: Classic War Movies
  • 52858: Epics
  • 32473: Classic Foreign Movies
  • 31694: Classic Comedies
  • 29809: Classic Dramas
  • 47147: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 46588: Classic Thrillers
  • 7687: Film Noir
  • 53310: Silent Movies
  • 47465: Classic Westerns
  • 31574: Classic Movies


  • 5763: Dramas
  • 3179: Biographical Dramas
  • 29809: Classic Dramas
  • 528582748: Courtroom Dramas
  • 7243: Sports Dramas
  • 500: Gay & Lesbian Dramas
  • 384: Independent Dramas
  • 9299: Teen Dramas
  • 11: Military Dramas
  • 12123: Period Pieces
  • 6889: Crime Dramas
  • 4961: Dramas based on Books
  • 3653: Dramas based on real life
  • 6384: Tearjerkers
  • 2150: Foreign Dramas
  • 6616: Political Dramas
  • 1255: Romantic Dramas
  • 5012: Showbiz Dramas
  • 3947: Social Issue Dramas
  • 26835: Faith & Spirituality
  • 52804: Faith & Spirituality Movies
  • 2760: Spiritual Documentaries
  • 751423: Kids Faith & Spirituality
  • 384: Independent Dramas


  • 869: Dark Comedies
  • 4426: Foreign Comedies
  • 1402: Late Night Comedies
  • 26: Mockumentaries
  • 2700: Political Comedies
  • 1252: Campy Movies
  • 10944: Cult Horror Movies
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9434: Cult Comedies
  • 4195: Independent Comedies
  • 6548: Comedies
  • 9702: Screwball Comedies
  • 5286: Sports Comedies
  • 5475: Romantic Comedies
  • 10256: Slapstick Comedies
  • 7627: Cult Movies
  • 8195: B-Horror Movies
  • 11559: Stand-up Comedy
  • 3519: Teen Comedies
  • 4922: Satires

Children and Family

  • 6218: Movies for ages 2 to 4
  • 5455: Movies for ages 5 to 7
  • 561: Movies for ages 8 to 10
  • 6962: Movies for ages 11 to 12
  • 10056: Movies based on children’s books
  • 51056: Family Features
  • 11177: TV Cartoons
  • 783: Children & Family Movies
  • 6796: Movies for ages 0 to 2
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 5507: Animal Tales
  • 10659: Education for Kids
  • 27346: Kids’ TV


  • 9875: Crime Documentaries
  • 90361: Music & Concert Documentaries
  • 1159: Travel & Adventure Documentaries
  • 7018: Political Documentaries
  • 5161: Foreign Documentaries
  • 5349: Historical Documentaries
  • 4006: Military Documentaries
  • 180: Sports Documentaries
  • 10005: Religious Documentaries
  • 2595: Science & Nature Documentaries
  • 3675: Social & Cultural Documentaries
  • 6839: Documentaries
  • 3652: Biographical Documentaries

Horror Movies

  • 8711: Horror Movies
  • 89585: Horror Comedy
  • 947: Monster Movies
  • 8646: Slasher and Serial Killer Movies
  • 42023: Supernatural Horror Movies
  • 52147: Teen Screams
  • 75804: Vampire Horror Movies
  • 75930: Werewolf Horror Movies
  • 8195: B-Horror Movies
  • 6895: Creature Features
  • 10944: Cult Horror Movies
  • 45028: Deep Sea Horror Movies
  • 8654: Foreign Horror Movies
  • 75405: Zombie Horror Movies
  • 6998: Satanic Stories
  • 7077: Independent Movies
  • 11079: Experimental Movies
  • 11804: Independent Action & Adventure
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers

Foreign Movies

  • 32473: Classic Foreign Movies
  • 4426: Foreign Comedies
  • 5161: Foreign Documentaries
  • 2150: Foreign Dramas
  • 8243: Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies
  • 8654: Foreign Horror Movies
  • 6485: Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 10306: Foreign Thrillers
  • 7153: Romantic Foreign Movies
  • 3761: African Movies
  • 5230: Australian Movies
  • 262: Belgian Movies
  • 5685: Korean Movies
  • 1613: Latin American Movies
  • 5875: Middle Eastern Movies
  • 63782: New Zealand Movies
  • 11567: Russian
  • 9292: Scandinavian Movies
  • 9196: Southeast Asian Movies
  • 58741: Spanish Movies
  • 61115: Greek Movies
  • 58886: German Movies
  • 58807: French Movies
  • 5254: Eastern European Movies
  • 10606: Dutch Movies
  • 10398: Japanese Movies
  • 8221: Italian Movies
  • 10463: Indian Movies
  • 3960: Chinese Movies
  • 10757: British Movies
  • 7462: Foreign Movies
  • 29764: Art House Movies
  • 11828: Foreign Action & Adventure
  • 58750: Irish Movies


  • 1701: Music
  • 3278: Rock & Pop Concerts
  • 13335: Musicals
  • 32392: Classic Musicals
  • 59433: Disney Musicals
  • 13573: Showbiz Musicals
  • 52843: Kids Music
  • 1105: Country & Western/Folk
  • 10271: Jazz & Easy Listening
  • 10741: Latin Music
  • 9472: Urban & Dance Concerts
  • 2856: World Music Concerts
  • 55774: Stage Musicals


  • 4370: Sports Movies
  • 12443: Boxing Movies
  • 12549: Soccer Movies
  • 6695: Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling
  • 12762: Basketball Movies
  • 5286: Sports Comedies
  • 180: Sports Documentaries
  • 7243: Sports Dramas
  • 12339: Baseball Movies
  • 12803: Football Movies
  • 9327: Sports & Fitness


  • 8933: Thrillers
  • 9994: Mysteries
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 9147: Spy Thrillers
  • 972: Steamy Thrillers
  • 43048: Action Thrillers
  • 46588: Classic Thrillers
  • 10499: Crime Thrillers
  • 10306: Foreign Thrillers
  • 3269: Independent Thrillers
  • 31851: Gangster Movies
  • 5505: Psychological Thrillers
  • 10504: Political Thrillers
  • 11140: Supernatural Thrillers

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

  • 1492: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 6926: Sci-Fi Adventure
  • 3916: Sci-Fi Dramas
  • 1694: Sci-Fi Horror Movies
  • 11014: Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 1568: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 3327: Alien Sci-Fi
  • 47147: Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 4734: Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9744: Fantasy Movies
  • 6485: Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy

TV Shows

  • 83: TV Shows
  • 27346: Kids’ TV
  • 67879: Korean TV Shows
  • 4814: Miniseries
  • 25804: Military TV Shows
  • 52780: Science & Nature TV
  • 10673: TV Action & Adventure
  • 10375: TV Comedies
  • 10105: TV Documentaries
  • 11714: TV Dramas
  • 83059: TV Horror
  • 4366: TV Mysteries
  • 1372: TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9833: Reality-TV
  • 52117: British TV Shows
  • 46553: Classic TV Shows
  • 26146: Crime TV Shows
  • 74652: Cult TV Shows
  • 72436: Food & Travel TV
  • 60951: Teen TV Shows


  • 8883: Romantic Movies
  • 35800: Steamy Romantic Movies
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Movies
  • 502675: Romantic Favorites
  • 36103: Quirky Romance
  • 9916: Romantic Independent Movies
  • 7153: Romantic Foreign Movies
  • 1255: Romantic Dramas
  • 31273: Classic Romantic Movies
  • 5475: Romantic Comedies

6. Lock Screen to Avoid Accidental Taps

Imagine watching a suspense movie and accidentally tapping on the video progress bar to spoil the climax. Not at all a pleasing scenario, isn’t it? Well, to avoid such mishaps, here is a classy Netflix mobile tip you should always use.

Whenever you are watching Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, press the lock icon that appears at the bottom-center of your playback screen. It will disable all the functions unless you unlock them by tapping the ‘Lock’ again. Remember, your device’s navigation keys and notifications will still be active.

7. Clear Items from Your Viewing History

Things can lead to World War 3 if you decide to watch an extra episode without your better half. Viewing a show together is a great bonding exercise. However, chances are you were too excited about some show’s release and watched it without your partner, which may cause you trouble. ,

Netflix lets you remove items from your watch history with a simple click. Apart from saving you from your partner, this feature also helps tone down suggestions similar to those you removed. Therefore, if you watched “The Conjuring” and promised yourself not to see any other horror movies on Netflix, the platform will spare you and won’t offer similar suggestions. 

Here’s how you can review your activity and remove items from your viewing history. Go to your Account, then Settings. Now, click on the Profile you use and select Viewing History. Click the “No” symbol to remove the item from the list. The item will be removed from your viewing history and “continue watching list” within 24 hours. Remember, this Netflix hack does not work if you watched a title from the “Kids” profile. 

8. Download Your Netflix Data

Privacy is one big issue right now, and we must know what kind of data big companies are collecting from us. To temper any user concerns, Netflix offers an option to download the data they collect from us to maintain transparency with the users.

Your information for a particular account consists of your name, billing address, payment methods, and more. In addition, Netflix shows your account log as well. It contains the list of shows you have watched, the watch time and date, which device you used, and how much time you spent on Netflix. Moreover, the streaming giant also tracks all your clicks to determine how you ended up watching a particular show. 

You can access this data by sending a request to the company. Go to your Account page, and scroll down to find the option “Download your personal information.” After that, Netflix will send a confirmation email to the primary email address. Once confirmed, it may take 1-2 days to get a CSV file of your data. You can use tools like Google Data Studio to create charts and graphs from the information to better understand how you spend your time on Netflix.

9. Use Audio Description for On-screen Narration

People often suggest watching a movie or show in the original language in addition to using subtitles for better understanding. However, you can watch the dubbed version if the original language is foreign to you entirely. Netflix gives you multiple options for audio and subtitles. The lesser-known gem among these features is the “Audio Description” option.

Audio Description might not be available for all movies, but popular titles support this feature. It is primarily created for visually impaired people to describe what’s happening on the screen. However, I found it very intriguing. Audio descriptions present a narrator who talks in-between the dialogues and tells us what exactly is happening. It creates an audio novel out of a movie while keeping the original dialogues intact. You can use this feature to either listen to movies while doing your house chores or pick on some visual cues that you might miss otherwise.

To enable Audio Descriptions, you first need to play a movie/ TV series of your choice. Then, click on the “caption” icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. From the pop-up that appears, you can choose the “Audio Description” option under the “Audio” section. Currently, this feature is only available in the original language of the film. Dubbed versions may also receive it in the coming future.

10. Use Rating System to Personalize Suggestions

This is a well-known Netflix trick, but only a few people actively use it. Netflix includes an option to either like or dislike a particular movie or TV series. It helps the algorithm determine what suggestions it should offer us, depending on what content we want.

If you are not using this feature, Netflix might occasionally bombard you with random suggestions to see if you will like them, and getting better movie recommendations becomes challenging. Therefore, make sure to vote your preference whenever possible to get personalized suggestions. You can find the like and dislike buttons in the form of thumbs up and thumbs down icons, respectively. The feature is visible whenever you open the information page or snippet of any movie or TV series on Netflix. 

11. Netflix’s Smart Download Feature for Offline Content

You can download movies and TV shows for offline viewing using the Netflix apps on your PC and smartphone. It comes in handy when you are traveling and have an unreliable internet connection or if you use a limited mobile data plan and can’t afford to stream on it. However, it’s worth noting that the downloaded content remains on your device for a limited time. Therefore, it’s best to do it when you are confirmed to be away from Wi-Fi zones.

The download button is available below each title in the Netflix desktop and mobile app. Whenever you are willing to download some TV shows, clicking that button would do the job. Then comes the advanced “Smart Download” feature. It remembers which show you are watching and your progress. It then downloads the next episode beforehand without any manual intervention. Meanwhile, it also deletes the offline episodes you have watched. Thus, helping you save storage space on your device.

You can quickly enable the Smart Download feature on your phone by going to the app’s “Settings” and selecting the “Smart Download” option under the “Download” section. Toggle on the “Download Next Episode” option on the next screen. It also has another feature that will download content on its own based on your suggestions. Thus, you will always have something to watch. You can allocate how much storage space Netflix can use on your device for each profile. 

The same step-by-step process applies to the Netflix PC app as well. Click the three dots icon on the top-right corner of your screen. Then, toggle the “Smart Download” option on the pop-up to enable it.

12. Use Netflix Profiles Smartly

Every Netflix account lets you create a maximum of 5 profiles, which comes in handy when sharing it with multiple people. Moreover, you can also use this feature to create a secondary profile for yourself and tweak the settings to create a distinct identity. Here is how you can make the most out of profiles on Netflix.

Limit Mature Content

You can select the maturity level for each profile on Netflix. So, if you have a kid in your house who should not be watching a specific type of content, you can choose the appropriate maturity level from the five available options – All, 7+, 13+, 16+, and 18+.

You can also restrict specific titles if you don’t want them in your suggestions. Simply search for the movie or TV show title, choose from the list, and save your choice in the “Viewing Restriction” section. To make changes, go to Account settings, and click on the profile you want to manage. Now, click on the “Viewing Restriction” option, and enter the account password to proceed. You will be greeted by the screen in the screenshot above.

Specific Suggestions

Netflix keeps recommendations for each profile distinct in the account. Therefore, you can use a profile to discover movies or TV shows you don’t want to spoil the recommendations in your primary profile. For instance, let’s say you and your partner watch sitcoms and dramas on one profile together. And since you also like horror movies, which your partner does not, you use another profile to watch that content. This way, your primary profile won’t show you suggestions related to the horror genre. Also, use the thumbs up and down button to control the recommendations according to your needs.

PIN lock

Netflix allows you to create a PIN lock for each profile so that no one else can tinker with your suggestions or take a peek at what you like to watch. So, if you want an extra layer of security, use the PIN lock.

To enable it, go to your Account setting page, and select the profile you want to lock. Now, click on the “Profile Lock” option and enter the account password to proceed. Here, check the “Require a PIN to access profile” option. Lastly, enter your PIN and save it. Now, you will need to enter this PIN code to access your Netflix profile going forward.

13. Save Money on Netflix Subscription

Netflix can be cheaper than your cable TV connection, but it is still expensive. The price looks sky-high compared to other best streaming platforms. Therefore, we can always benefit from some money-saving tricks for Netflix. Here are a few you should try.

Buy Netflix Gift Cards

There is close to no chance that you will get discounts on directly buying a Netflix subscription from the streaming website. Therefore, buy yourself a gift card from Amazon or another similar site. You can play all kinds of tricks on Amazon to get a heavy discount on the payment portal, such as using promo codes, cashback offers, or using another gift card. In the end, you can buy a Netflix subscription for the same rate but fetch discounts from other sources.

Share Subscription with Friends & Family

This is one of the no-brainer hacks when it comes to Netflix. The company itself knows that almost half of the people who use Netflix don’t own a personal account. On that note, you can group with your friends or family and share the bill equally with everyone using the account. I suggest you buy the Netflix Premium plan in India (Rs. 799/ month) since it allows you to connect four devices.

Subscribe from Another Country

Did you know Netflix rates vary for each country? No, I am not talking about your local currency. Even if you convert the price, you will find that Netflix is cheaper in Turkey than in the US. With current conversion rates, you can get a Netflix plan from Turkey for USD $3.30. The same subscription plan costs USD $8.99 in the US. 

How does this trick work, you ask? Well, you first need to get the best VPN suitable for you. Then, change the country and log in to Netflix, buy your subscription, and done. However, there are some technical points you need to consider. For instance, always clear Netflix cookies before using this method, or your country won’t change properly. Also, make sure to use this method when you are going for a new plan. So, you need to cancel your existing subscription first for this method to be effective.

Note: Although this method might work, Netflix does not appreciate the use of VPN services to bypass its streaming platform. In a worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to stream anything.

Wait for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals

Almost all significant platforms provide breathtaking discounts around the festival days. However, Netflix does not run any Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount offers. That leads us to use secondary solutions. If you are patient enough, you will surely get Black Friday deals on TVs, phones, or other electronic equipment. Some of these deals bundle a free Netflix subscription to lure users. This hack is pretty useful if buying Netflix isn’t your priority, but you were planning to get the other thing anyway.

Netflix Tips: Use Third-party Tools

I have no doubt Netflix does a good job providing significant features for its audience. But, it can certainly be better. Here enter third-party developers who have created some fantastic tools that significantly improve your binging experience. Let’s have a look at some of them.

14. See IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes Rating on Netflix

Audiences trust IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies and TV shows before deciding to watch something. A simple extension for Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers, including Edge and Opera) can help you out by showing the rating whenever you hover on a movie title on Netflix.

So, if you use your laptop frequently for streaming, and want to see IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes on Netflix, download the extension from the link here. This is one of the most common Netflix hacks or tips we have been employing to select what to watch and not get lost amid the sea of content.

15. Dual Subtitle for Learning Languages

If you are trying to learn a new language, watching regional movies will undoubtedly help you. However, what if it is difficult to make out what the actors are saying? Here enters this excellent extension (Free) that allows you to see dual language subtitles for any movie/ series. Thus, you can watch Squid Game in the Korean language and read both Korean and English subtitles to better your vocabulary and pronunciation simultaneously. It is one of my favorite Netflix hacks, and I use it while watching Korean dramas.

16. Use VPN to Watch New Content

A VPN would not only save you some money on a Netflix subscription but also bring you more titles to watch. It happens because movie streaming rights are licensed on a country basis. Therefore, some pieces of content are not available in all countries unless such a deal is exclusively signed with the production house. So, let’s say you want to watch Keanu Reeves-starrer “The Matrix” but, unfortunately, the film is not available on Netflix US. Solve this problem by using uNoGS.com (visit link) to check which country is this movie available to stream and connect your VPN to that country to see Matrix without any issue. 

17. Watch Netflix with Friends

In this work from the home era, when we are too skeptical to go to gatherings, you can still enjoy movie parties with your friends. Rave is a platform that lets you watch content on Netflix and other OTT and video streaming services in sync with your friends.

This app also has a chat window, where you can chat and have fun. All you have to do is install the Rave app on your iOS or Android phone, or Mac and Windows PC, sign up, create a room, and wait for your friends to join in. Anyone wanting to join would require the Rave app and an active subscription to Netflix. The app only syncs the playback. Therefore, you are not breaking any legal rules about content distribution with this Netflix hack.

Download Rave (Free, Android | iOS | Mac and Windows)

New Netflix Features 

If you didn’t know, Netflix started as a DVD rental service before becoming the streaming giant. Similarly, it now also keeps experimenting to find the next best direction. Such experimentation often ends up providing us with some exciting features to try on. Here are some of the newest features Netflix has launched recently.

18. Fast Laughs on Netflix

TikTok introduced a pivotal moment in entertainment and how social media apps work with short video content. These days everyone from Instagram to YouTube is trying their luck on the format of the short clips. Netflix is no different in this case. Fast Laugh is a section on the Netflix mobile app that presents funny clips from TV shows and movies streaming on Netflix. You can scroll through the feed indefinitely until you decide to do some work, or if you like the clip, you can see the whole show by tapping the “Play” button.

19. Kids Clip

Similar to Fast Laughs, Netflix is also testing short clips for kids. Netflix has always given special attention to younger audiences and their content. Therefore, they are trying a different section for kids to enjoy their time seeing short animated clips. The feature is still in testing and has some striking differences from other short content platforms. It is reported that this section will probably have horizontal videos as opposed to the popular vertical ones. Moreover, there will be a limit of 15-20 videos kids can watch at a time. 

20. Play Netflix Games

Netflix has also stepped into the gaming industry by launching five mobile games in the initial stage. The gaming feature does not require any additional payment. Moreover, some of the games don’t even need a stable internet connection. It appears Netflix is trying hard to work on providing offline entertainment as well. 

You can currently play Netflix games on Android and iOS devices, and they are accessible from a dedicated “Games” tab in the app. There is no mention of the feature being PC compatible as of now. However, the company has promised to create games for every kind of player. 

Netflix Hacks: Honorable Mentions

21. Remove Items from Continue Watching

One thing I admire about Netflix is that it gives users the ability to binge-watch their favorite shows. Once you start watching a TV show or movie on Netflix and end it without completing it, Netflix will add that to the Continue watching list. It’s an excellent feature if you want to come back to your favorite show. However, it also stores the movies and shows you didn’t like and left in the middle.

Well, you can remove such entries from the “Continue Watching” list so Netflix knows you are not interested in them and won’t bother you with similar content. Here’s how this useful Netflix trick works:

  • Go to your profile in the Netflix app and look for the “Continue watching” row.
  • Then, tap the three dots. Hover on the title if you are using a browser for this process.
  • Select the “Remove from row” option.

This Netflix hack works not only on the Android and iOS apps but also the browser. You will need to remove the movie or TV show from “Viewing History,” as mentioned in the previous point, to remove it from all the other devices.

22. Use Test Participation for The Latest Features

You can try out experimental features Netflix is planning to roll out before anyone else. Isn’t that amazing? To do that, go to “Account Settings” and click on the “Test participation” link. Toggle on the “Include me in tests and previews” to become a beta tester for the upcoming features.

23. Use Keyboard Shortcuts on Netflix

You do not have to use your mouse every time you need to access a playback option on your Mac or Windows computer. Last but not least, we have the following keyboard shortcuts for you to use while watching Netflix movies or TV shows.

  • Press the Space Bar or Enter/ Return key to play or pause the video playback.
  • Press F to watch content in Full-Screen mode.
  • Use Esc to exit the Full-Screen mode.
  • Use the Left and Right arrows keys to Rewind and Forward your video by 10 seconds, respectively.
  • Similarly, use the Up and Down arrow keys to increase and decrease volume.
  • Mute the audio by tapping the M key on your keyboard while watching a Netflix movie or TV show.
  • Press S to skip the intro if you are watching a TV show.

Netflix Hacks and Tricks in a Nutshell

Netflix is the pioneer in the OTT streaming industry and has some great content on such a large scale. It is up to us what we want to watch since there is something for everyone on Netflix, including the best anime shows as well. We discussed some cool Netflix hacks and tricks in this article to improve your binging experience. Whether you want to discover relevant content or make the most out of available features, I hope you found a few new hacks to use Netflix in a better way. If you have any more tips or tricks that we may have missed, let me know in the comments below.

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