MSI RTX 40 SUPER Lineup Leaked; 12 New Graphic Cards Incoming

MSI Suprim X Graphics Card
Image Courtesy: MSI
In Short
  • In a new MSI leak, 12 different RTX 40 Super GPUs have been revealed.
  • The video memory capacity of RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super, and RTX 4080 can be seen here too.
  • While the RTX 4070 Ti Super could come with 16GB VRAM, others have same capacity as non-Super variants.

A leak showing upcoming Nvidia graphics cards, which will be produced by Microstar International (MSI), has surfaced online. It looks like MSI is planning to announce several RTX 40 Super GPU models very soon! We can clearly see the RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4080 Super, and RTX 4070 Super graphics cards with their VRAM specifications here in this new leak.

The leak comes via VideoCardz. It is claimed this info is coming from various retailers who will sell upcoming Nvidia RTX 40 Super GPUs. In total, MSI is planning to unveil 12 different graphics cards under the upcoming RTX 40 Super lineup.

Image Courtesy: Videocardz

This includes new models featuring various cooler designs by MSI. These include various ‘GPU editions’ like Suprim X, Gaming X Slim White, Gaming X Slim, and Ventus 2X/3X OC.

Leaked Specifications of RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super

The specifications as per current leaks for various RTX 40 Super graphics cards have been mentioned below. Keep in mind that until Nvidia officially announces the GPUs, these leaked specs are subject to change.

Upcoming NVIDIA RTX 40 Super ModelLeaked VRAM CapacityOther Leaked Specs
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super16GB GDDR6X10240 CUDA Cores, 256-bit Memory Bus Width, AD103-400 GPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super16GB GDDR6X8448 CUDA Cores, 256-bit Memory Bus Width, AD103-275 GPU
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Super12GB GDDR67168 CUDA Cores, 192-bit Memory Bus Width, AD103-350 GPU
All ‘leaked’ information is subject to change until official product announcements

As you saw before, Videocardz has also revealed ‘placeholder‘ pricing for the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4080 Super, and RTX 4070 Ti Super GPUs. But we will have to wait and see how expensive the new RTX 40 Super GPUs are compared to the non-Super variants. This is because this is not the actual pricing, and the MSRP will be revealed by Nvidia soon.

Image Courtesy: Videocardz

It is great to see increased VRAM capacity (16GB) on the RTX 4070 Ti Super in the above retailer listing. The non-Super variant of RTX 4070 Ti has 12GB VRAM, which definitely feels ‘low’ given it costs more than the RTX 4070 but has the same VRAM capacity.

Sadly, it does not seem likely for the RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4080 Super to get increased VRAM capacity. How performant will new RTX 40 Super GPUs be? Nvidia should reveal more about this at the upcoming CES 2024 event. This is where the company will officially launch a brand new RTX 40 Super lineup of graphics cards.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4080 Super, and RTX 4070 Ti Super GPUs? Are you interested in upgrading your GPU to these new ones? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE Videocardz
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