Microsoft Trademarks ‘Xbox Series’ Name Fuelling Xbox Series S Speculations

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Ever since Microsoft announced that the next Xbox console will be called the Xbox Series X, people have been wondering if the company will also launch a more affordable, less powerful Xbox. Rumours have long suggested the presence of a lower-end Xbox offering in the latest generation. And now, Microsoft’s latest trademark is refuelling these speculations.

The Redmond giant has filed for a trademark on the ‘Xbox Series’ name. Obviously, this hints at the possibility of other Xbox Series consoles from the company other than the Series X. Reports of an affordable “Xbox Lockhart” have been around for a while and this new trademark also hints towards it. Moreover, Sony recently unveiled the PS5 design in an event that was leagues better than Microsoft’s game reveal. The Japanese company also showed off a PS5 Digital Edition. Obviously, this puts pressure on Microsoft, and an affordable Xbox Series S, or Xbox Lockhart might be the way to go.

Microsoft Trademarks ‘Xbox Series’ Name Fuelling Xbox Series S Speculations

While we don’t know what the Series S might bring, there are some hints here and there. For example reports suggest, the console will be considerably less powerful than the Series X, around 4 teraflops. However, it will feature the latest AMD architecture, and SSDs. It goes without saying that this information is based on reports and rumours, so you should take this with a pinch of salt. We hope to get more information from official sources in the near future, so stay tuned.

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