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Microsoft Teams Desktop to Support Multiple Accounts in December

MS Teams shutterstock website

Managing multiple user accounts is currently a hassle on Microsoft Teams. Following a number of feedback from Teams users, Microsoft is finally working to add additional settings for multiple accounts and organizations on the Teams desktop app.

As spotted by OnMSFT, Microsoft has added multiple accounts feature to its Microsoft 365 roadmap. According to the listing, the company will roll out the feature sometime in December this year (next month). The feature will be available to Teams Education, Standard, and GCC (Government Cloud) customers.

With this addition, Teams users will be able to add one personal account, one work or school account, change profile pictures, and switch between accounts and organizations through settings. Going by the description, Teams may not support multiple work accounts after all and would rather limit the capability to a single personal account and a work account.

The upcoming feature should come in handy for those hoping to seamlessly manage both personal and work accounts from Teams desktop. Right now, users have to log out from one account and manually log in to the other account for checking important updates, which is not convenient and can get quite frustrating at times.

This is not an entirely new feature by any means. Teams’ primary competitor Slack has long offered support for multiple accounts. In fact, even Teams supports multiple accounts on Android and iOS versions. So far, users had to resort to workarounds for using multiple Teams accounts on Windows 10, including creating PWAs, opening on the web, logging in through an incognito tab, to name a few.

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