Jio Prime Membership: Here’s How to Extend Your Subscription for Another Year

Jio Prime Membership Here’s How to Extend Your Subscription for Another Year

Reliance Jio recently announced that existing Jio Prime subscribers will get another year of free services without any additional charge by renewing the membership from within the MyJio app. As for new subscribers who avail the Jio Prime service on or after April 1, they will have to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs. 99 as a membership charge, which gives them unlimited access to a host of services like JioMusic, JioTV, etc. as well as discounts on tariff vouchers.

If you are an existing Jio Prime subscriber and want to extend your membership for another 12 months at no additional cost, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Open the MyJio app and log in using your Jio mobile number

2. Once you open the app, you’ll see a red banner at the top of the app’s homepage which reads,“Congratulations! Extend JioPrime for a year, Free”. Tap on the ‘Get now’ button beside the text.

3. Once you tap on the ‘Get now’ button, you’ll be directed to another page which displays your registered Reliance Jio mobile number. Just tap on the number to send a Jio Prime service renewal request.

If you have more than one Reliance Jio mobile numbers registered in your name, you’ll see a list of all those numbers on this page. In this case, tap on the specific mobile number for which you want to renew the Jio Prime subscription

3. Once you have tapped on your mobile number as mentioned in the aforesaid step, you’ll see a request submission message: “Request submitted successfully”

Once the request has been submitted, your Jio Prime subscription will be extended for another year at no additional cost. You can now check discounted tariff plans for your number, and will also be able to access all complimentary Jio services like JioTV, songs, movies and a lot more.

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