New Google Hardware Certified by FCC; Could be ‘Sabrina’ Dongle

google sabrina dongle featured

Remember the much rumored dongle codenamed ‘Sabrina‘? Well, a new Google device has just passed through the FCC and it may just be the streaming dongle. As is usually the case with certification listings, there’s not a lot of information here. However, as 9to5Google points out, this is likely the Sabrina dongle, or a new smart speaker.

According to the listing, the device has a model name GXCA6. The listing also says that it’s a ‘Wireless Device’. Further, there’s mention of WiFi support in the device, and the presence of Bluetooth.

The FCC listing also mentions the label that will be ‘printed at the bottom of the device’. That oval-shaped bottom of this mystery device does seem similar to what we saw when the ‘Sabrina’ dongle was leaked. However, as the report points out, dongles don’t really have a bottom, so this may be something else entirely.

That brings us to the possibility that this new GXCA6 could be a new smart speaker from Google. It may be replacing the original Google Home speaker that was one of my favourite smart speakers of all time. Again, we don’t know for certain, but a smart speaker will also require WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

We will just have to wait until more information becomes available about this device, or maybe until Google makes an announcement, or even a hint. We are waiting for more information, so stay tuned for more updates.

VIA 9to5Google
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