Top 10 Best Google Pixel C Cases and Covers

Google Pixel C wasn’t just a hybrid tablet that entered from the backstage of Google! The second device in the ‘Pixel’ series of Google, Pixel C was Google’s answer for a lot of questions: such as how it was going to transform the world of computing, by introducing an innovative mode of tablet-laptop hybrid.

Apart from the hardware that is in use, the tablet hybrid gives utmost importance to portability and comfort of use, thus getting a better output in a professional or semi-professional scenario. Also, Google Pixel C doesn’t disappoint us as we come to connectivity part of it, since the device is equipped with USB Type C, Wi-Fi and lots more.

Despite all these, when you are a rough tablet PC user, you need some extra protection to be confident while using it — be it at your home or office. Out of the many options available, we think it’s the best to get an effective case or a cover for your Pixel C. To help you do that, however, we have created a list of top 10 Pixel C Cases and Covers you’d stumble upon.

1. Vostrostone KuGi Pixel C Case

Vostrostone KuGi Pixel C Case

First up, we have this Smart Case for Google Pixel C, coming from Vostrostone — which is a trusted name in protective cases. Coming at a quite reasonable rate, Vostrostone KuGi Pixel C Case is to suite the latest Pixel C, and you won’t have any compatibility issue or non-fitting issues. Talking of the design, it’s quite easier and you can install or remove the case in a matter of a few seconds. There are some features that make Vostrostone KuGi Pixel C Case a better companion for your Google Pixel C. For instance, there is full set of cut-outs and a durable finish, while the use of premium Leather and microfiber makes the case harder and comfortable. The case is offered in five different colors — green, black, blue, red and white.

  • Price: $11.50
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Pixel C Folio Keyboard from Google

Well, yes, we have this official Google Pixel C accessory in the list, available for purchase from Google Store. The case is made using full-grain leather, which ensures stability and durability as well as the power to resist obstacles. Talking of the connectivity, you just need to dock it with your Pixel C and there are no kinds of wires involved in the process. Also, charging of the keyboard also takes place wirelessly; right after it has been docked. It’s using Bluetooth LE for connectivity and the battery will have a sufficient backup time, we can say. Thus, when you need a keyboard that can be used for typing, easier viewing angle etc, it’s a good thing to go for Pixel C Folio Keyboard from Google, though expensive.

3. OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case

OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case, which is from a trusted manufacturer of protective cases and related accessories, is meant to offer the best protection and convenient handling for your Google Pixel C, that too at an incredible price. On the first look, it might be a common leather case, but it can be converted into a kickstand-like viewer as well. You can get OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case in four different colors, depending upon the one you prefer. What has to be noted here is that its wallet-like design is covering all the sides of your Google Pixel C, and the flip part on the front makes it a bit more awesome in the end. Talking of material used, it’s a blend of PU leather and there’s an interior of microfiber as well. All in all, OEAGO Pixel C Folio Case makes sense for the official user.

  • Price: $9.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

4. MoKo Google Pixel C Case

MoKo Google Pixel C Case has specifically been made for the 10.2 version of Google Pixel C and it can act as a superb folding cover case as well. The best part is that you will be able to store your Pixel C with or without the keyboard. Its flip-cover on the front can be a measure of security in the first look, but it can also provide the best viewing & typing angle when you are in some situations. Talking of the folio case, there is an elastic band, which lets you hold the Pixel C in a convenient manner. This strap is useful for one-handed use as well, without bothering about the hybrid falling down or so. Apart from this, the magnetic closure takes care of safety once you’ve locked it. The accessory does also come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Price: $11.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

5. IVSO Ultra-Slim Pixel C Case

IVSO Ultra-Slim Pixel C Case is actually available in five different colour variants, which are green, white, blue, red & black. Being a leather case, IVSO Ultra-Slim Pixel C Case makes use of the high-quality leather and a microfiber interior finish to get things done, in a comfortable manner. Another distinguishable feature of IVSO Ultra-Slim Pixel C Case is the lightweight behavior it has, adding little bulk to the tablet and keeping the easy handling as such. While the dual-layer structure ensures the best-possible protection, the design makes it way too convenient to get things done. Altogether, it’s a good choice when you need protection-convenience combo.

  • Price: $11.50
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Full Body Skin

Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Full Body Skin is, as its name says, not a typical protective case you would find. On the other hand, it’s more than that, and it’s surely one of the best protective methods you can have. It is made specifically for Google Pixel C, and will be completely compatible, leaving no signs of installation difficulties or so. The best part of Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Full Body Skin is that apart from the protection, you get a good feel and look for the tablet hybrid, with the striped ends and grippy behavior in the back side. Also, with the package, you get the official screen protector from Skinomi TechSkin, which is quite superior in terms of quality. Also, you get lifetime warranty from Skinomi, which is yet another reason to choose this product than the others.

  • Price: $14.95
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Pixel C Keyboard from Google

You might be wondering why we have included the official Pixel C keyboard in the list of top protective cases you can find for Pixel C. The reason is quite simple, that when you have attached the keyboard, Pixel C Keyboard from Google can be a good protector for the tablet hybrid, not only the screen but also some other parts. Of course, there is not much to be talked about the quality or durability, since Pixel C Keyboard from Google is a product from Google. Yet, we think the easier connectivity options and related options are just the best, from the productivity point of view. It has to be noted that the product is really expensive and is suitable only when you need a keyboard-case combo.

8. WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase

So, when you don’t need a conventional type of protective case but prefers a sleeve case instead, you can go for this WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase, which is a bit expensive, but worth what you pay. The most impressive features that we found with WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase is the awesome options for customizations. You will be able to choose not only the orientation or trim, but also the colour of strap and all. Apart from that, WaterField has used high-grade neoprene and ballistic nylon to get this protective case ready, thus giving protection from various obstacles you may see. WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase include lightly padded flap, back pocket etc. It can be seen that, when compared to other cases you may find, WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase is more suitable for the office scenarios. Altogether, it’s a nice choice, we’d say.

9. ProCase Google Pixel C Sleeve Case

So, we have another sleeve case in the list, and this time, it’s from ProCase, which is a renowned maker of protective cases for Smartphones and tablet PCs. With this protective case on top, you will be able to offer the best-possible level of protection for your Google Pixel C, without actually spending too much. Since it has been optimized for the 10.2 version of Google Pixel C, you are going to have an easier process to insert in the case and get things safe. Also, there are some other features too. For instance, there is an extra pocket that can conveniently be used for storing a few other stuff. Despite all these, the pricing is reasonable.

  • Price: $15.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

10. Amzer Universal Portfolio Case

The above mentioned cases were dedicated for Google Pixel C, thus offering the best experience in terms of safety as well as the comfort of use. This one, however, is a bit different, because Amzer Universal Portfolio Case is meant to be a universal portfolio case, which fits very well with the 10.2-inched Google Pixel C tablet hybrid. Don’t expect this one to be a kind of sleeve case. On the other hand, your Pixel C can easily be attached to the given space and the rest of the case protects it from various obstacles there. Apart from that, you also get a good viewing angle, which is quite commendable from the usability point of view. Other features of Amzer Universal Portfolio Case include space for holding stylus, reinforced grip corners, customizable positions etc.

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Well, which protective case would you choose for your Google Pixel C? And, do let us know your choice and what made you choose it.

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