Google Lo-fi player feat.

Google’s “Lo-Fi Player” Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Lo-Fi Music Room

Google Lo-fi player feat.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I am a sucker for lo-fi music. When working or just browsing the internet, I start a lo-fi playlist on YouTube or Apple Music and it keeps on playing the soothing, mellow tunes to create some ambient music for my ears. Now, with Google’s AI-powered interactive “Lo-Fi Player”, I can create a virtual room with a customized looping lo-fi tune.

Developed as part of Google’s Magenta project, the “Lo-Fi Player” is essentially a 2D pixelated virtual room with several interactive elements to create your own customized lo-fi track. You can click the window to change the ambiance of your room or click the base guitar to add some base to your track.

Create Your Own Lo-Fi Music Room

Now, once you start interacting with the objects in the room, you can tweak the settings to add them to your looping track. And once you turn on the sound of an instrument, the player uses a machine-learning algorithm to create the perfect tune to match the track that is playing.

Google Lo-fi player room

After you finish setting up your room and your own customized music, you can even share your room with your friends and family. You can check out my lo-fi room from here.

Now, the “Lo-Fi Player” is the creation of a summer intern, Vibert Thio, working on Google’s Magenta project. The Mountain View-based company started this project to experiment with the use of artificial intelligence to create music and art.

“We incorporate several music machine learning models developed by the Magenta team to help users make the experience more novel and dynamic. For example, the TV in the center of the room represents MusicVAE. You can use it to create new melodies by recombining existing ones.”, wrote Thio in the official blog post for the player.

As per the reports, the “Lo-Fi Player” started off with a live YouTube stream where you can change the music by putting commands in the live comments section of the video. That stream is still live. However, there are not many people watching it now. Nonetheless, you can check it out from here.

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