eBay Introduces New Feature to Remove Backgrounds from Product Images

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Sellers in e-commerce platform, eBay, list their products that contain images with unnecessary backgrounds. To help these sellers improve the quality of their listings, eBay is rolling out a new feature that will use computer vision to automatically remove the background from the images to bring the main items in the spotlight.

The “Image Clean-Up” feature is powered by computer vision technology that can remove the backgrounds of images replacing them with a clean white background. This feature is introduced by eBay as most of its sellers do not have a professional photo studio to shoot decent product images with nice backgrounds nor are they Photoshop experts who can remove objects from the background using the software.

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Now, this feature will be integrated into the eBay app for smartphones. So, when the sellers upload the images of their products, the tool will automatically separate the main item from the background of the image and remove the background. This will make the image professional-looking as the item will stand-out with a white background. The tool will also provide manual controls to remove any part of the background that it missed in the process.

According to the e-commerce platform, listings with a clean white background create a better first impression and have the potential to sell much faster than products in listings with unprofessional images. The company says that the tool can also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as listings with clean images get more clicks.

The feature is currently being rolled out for the iOS and Android app of the e-commerce platform for users in Australia, Germany, the US and the UK. Users in the rest of the world will receive this feature in the coming months.

VIA Venture Beat
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