This Device Sends You a Notification When It Detects a Mosquito in Your Room


Nobody wants to get disturbed during a comfortable sleep in the middle of the night by mosquitoes. While we have solutions like the good old mosquito nets, mosquito repellant coils, liquid vaporizers, and even mosquito repellant creams, a startup has come up with a hilarious product that spots the mosquito for you.

Bzigo is a smart electronic device that detects and locates mosquitoes in your room. The funniest part of Bzigo is that it uses laser for pinpointing mosquitoes accurately which reminds me of action movie heroes targeting villains with laser guns.

To justify the “smart” factor I mentioned earlier, there is an app that sends you a notification as soon as it detects a mosquito. Pretty cool, right? It is up to you to decide what to do with the spotted mosquitoes as the device does not provide any mechanism to shoot down or chase mosquitoes away.

Bzigo can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall. Since it does not have a 360-degree field of view as of now as a step to cut down costs, you’re limited to a specific viewing angle and hence the angle should be chosen wisely to target most of the mosquitoes. “Mosquitos usually land on the ceiling. So, if you put it in the corner of the room and look upward, it should see most of the ceiling“, recommends Nadav Benedek – founder of Bzigo.

Coming to the pricing and availability, the company has priced the device at $170. By investing $9 now, you will get access to Bzigo as soon as it is available and an additional $30 discount can be availed when the product is ready to be shipped. If everything goes as per the plan, the product will reach the market by early 2021. The marketing team of Bzigo has posted a funny video demonstrating the product which you can watch below.

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