How to Use Dark Mode on Google Maps on Android and iPhone

How to Use Dark Mode on Google Maps on Any Device

There’s no doubt that Google Maps is the best navigation tool that you can use today. While there are many competing navigation apps out there, there’s none that matches the accuracy and universality of Google Maps. Apart from bringing exceptional navigational features, Google Maps also bring a plethora of tiny features which enhances the overall experience of the app.

For example, Google Maps automatically turns on dark mode while navigating during the night. The dark mode is a really cool feature and many people have asked me if there’s a way to make it the default option. Well, believe it or not, Google Maps does allow you to use dark mode during navigation all the time. In this article, we are going to show you how you can activate dark mode on Google Maps on Any Device:

Enabling Google Maps Dark Mode on Android and iPhone

Once you go through this tutorial, you will be able to use dark mode as your default navigation interface. That being said, remember that the dark mode only works during navigation and the app will use the light mode in all other instances. Hence, don’t worry when you don’t see dark mode on Google Maps when you set it up as it will only come when you start navigating:

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Maps on Android

  1. First, launch the Google Maps app and tap on the hamburger menu marked in the picture below. Here, tap on Settings.

2. Here, tap on “Navigation settings” and scroll down to find the “Map display” subsection. Now, under the “Color scheme” option, tap to select the “Night” mode.

3. As you can see, the time on the phone is 03:13 PM, but the app is using dark mode when I am using the navigation.

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Maps on iPhone

  1. The process is almost similar on the iPhone too. Just launch the Google Maps app and tap on the hamburger menu. Here, tap on the settings cog icon at the top right.

2. Now, tap on “Navigation” and enable the “Night” option for the Color scheme sub-menu found under the “Map display” option.

3. The picture below shows dark mode or night mode working on an iPhone at 03:37 PM. That means the dark mode is working even during the day.

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Use Dark Mode on Google Maps at Any Time

That was a pretty small and nifty tutorial and I hope that you guys enjoyed it. Do follow the steps and enable dark mode on your phones. It is especially beneficial for smartphones with OLED display as it could reduce the battery consumption during the navigation. Do let us know your thoughts on this tip by writing in the comments section below.

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