You Can Build Portraits of Iron Man With the New “Lego Art” Sets

Lego art sets feat.

Apart from making cool games and safe digital content for children, Lego also makes creative building sets for adults. Now, the company recently introduced a line of building sets for adults dubbed as “Lego Art” with which adult Lego builders can create portraits of popular characters and artists to showcase their love for pop-culture.

The Denmark-based toy-makers, Lego, recently introduced four new portrait creation sets designed for the adults. With these sets, Lego builders can create abstract portraits of characters like Iron Man and “Star Wars” villains and artists like Marilyn Monroe and members of “The Beatles”.

Currently, there are only four portrait creation sets available in the line-up of “Lego Art” which are “coming soon” to the market. Each of these sets, there are thousands of tiny multi-colored beads that you can stick on an included canvas to create portraits of the aforementioned personalities and characters.

Image: Lego

Apart from portraits on single canvasses, creators can also combine multiple canvasses to create huge portraits for their rooms. For instance, take a look at this massive Darth Vader Lego portrait (below) that is triple the length of a single canvass.

Image: Lego | Via: Verge

So, these sets are pretty awesome for those creative individuals who like to showcase their talent.

Now, keep in mind that these sets are designed for the adult builders and that is why the beads are quite small. So, when and if you get one of these, keep it away from your little ones as the tiny beads can become a health hazard for them.

Nonetheless, if you are that creative person and want to check out the sets, you can head to Lego’s official website. Each set has a price tag of $119.99 (~Rs 8,970). The sets are coming to the market on 1st August for international retailers. However, if you are a US resident, you can get these from September 1.

VIA Verge
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